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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Makeup Essentials For Traveling

"Less is more" is key when it comes to packing for a trip. You only want to bring the essentials that are versatile enough to go from day to night. Also, make sure to bring products that can't be easily opened or broken since I can't tell you how many times I've opened up my carry on and have had products spilled in there. Believe me, it's not pleasant! Sephora does carry many of these items and more in travel sizes but if you feel like saving some money, try to pour some of the liquid products into smaller travel containers which you can find at drugstores. Remember, liquid products should be 3.4oz and under when traveling with a carry-on. Anything larger than that has to go into checked luggage, *rolls eyes*

1.)  Foundation 

For every day I like to use a BB cream like Dr. Jart's (obsessed with this!) that feels light on my skin yet still gives decent coverage. If it's a long trip I'll just bring the actual tube it comes in but for shorter trips I'll just pour some of it into a plastic container so it won't take as much room. I'll also do this if I need to bring a high coverage foundation to use for a special occasion while I'm on vacation.

2.) Blush/Bronzer Duo

There's really not much you can do when it comes to condensing bronze or blush (unless it's liquid of course) so I usually opt to buy duos such as this Nars one. Why carry two compacts when you can have one? Many other brands including ELF carries duos such as this so make sure to look around!

3.) Brows

This small compact of Anastasia brow powder is perfect for traveling because it gives you both a lighter shade for the daytime and a darker one for going out at night. If you don't feel like bringing eye brow powder but still want to define your brows, bring along some matte brown eyeshadow that can also be used for your eyes!

4.) Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is something that I can't live without and I used to bring my holy grail Naked 2 palette everywhere I went and then I realized it was too big for traveling. Plus I ended up not using all the shades so what's the point? I ended up finding other palettes to bring that have at least three or four shades that range from light to dark that I know I'll use. As for eye primer, it's really up to you but I like to take a palette that also has a cream shadow in it so I can use that as a base instead of the primer.

5.) Mascara

If all else fails, at least bring mascara. It instantly brightens your eyes and makes you look polished. Since mascaras expire quickly I like to opt for some great drugstore ones such as Maybelline. 

6.) Lips 

Out of all these beauty products, the one I'll choose again and again is chapstick! I can't stand the feel of dry, chapped lips especially after you get off a plane. Other than that, for a lip color I'll go with something neutral that complements any eye look easily. If there's a special occasion I'll bring along a darker lipstick such as a red or maybe a shiny lip gloss to layer over the neutral lip color.

7.) Brushes

I typically only bring 3 brushes: a powder brush, blending eye brush, and an angled brush that can be used for both eyebrows and eyes. For everything else I'll just use my fingers! 

8.) Setting Spray

This one's completely optional but I always like to bring a mini bottle of setting spray with me from Urban Decay, that really makes sure that my makeup stays in place the whole day. I never worry about touch-ups with this and don't have to use a primer before foundation since my makeup literally doesn't budge with this on. Highly recommend it for travel and for special occasions!

 Hope this was helpful and if you have any travel makeup tips, please share!

Until next time lovelies, 


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