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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lush Floating Island Bath Melt

Summer is the season of relaxation and what better way than with a Lush bath melt? I'll admit this is my first time buying a bath melt and at first I didn't even know what it was but it's actually a bar packed with essential oils to help moisturize your skin while taking a bath. It also makes you smell divine and let's face it that's the most important part right? When I first smelled Floating Island in the store, it felt like I was in heaven! It smells like lemon, sandalwood, and vanilla all mixed in together and normally the scent of vanilla gives me a headache but this one is so light and fresh that it doesn't bother me at all! Highly recommend the scent to people who are sensitive to certain smells. 

Another benefit is that you can break this up into pieces and simply save them for another bath day which sadly you can't do with most Lush bath items. I was able to break it apart into 8 different pieces which means being able to use it 8 times which I think is a good deal since I bought this for $7.95.

Now onto the actual bath...I threw a piece into the water and it slowly dissolved creating little bubbles as it went and in seconds my whole bathroom was smelling like a tropical island. It is quite moisturizing on the skin which is great since I have super-dry, sensitive skin yet it doesn't make your skin greasy so it is a nice balance. The only con I would say is that it completely dissolves into the water after a half hour so if you're someone who likes extra long baths then I wouldn't recommend this. Overall, another fabulous bath experience with the help of Lush!

What do you think of Lush's bath melts? Have you tried any of them?

Until next time lovelies, 


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