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Friday, June 6, 2014

Bio Seaweed Gel

Hey guys! So I'm excited to finally be reviewing Bio Seaweed Gel which is a gel polish company based in Canada that I discovered through the magical world of Instagram. What attracted me to this specific brand is their UNITY All-In-One Color gel polish which is the first gel polish I've ever heard of that doesn't require a base gel or top gel coat. I never thought gel polish could get any better but apparently it can!

Other than the fact that you don't need to use a base or top coat, I thought it was interesting how Bio Seaweed Gel is considered to be a "healthier" gel polish. Their products are 5-free which means no dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA, or solvents are in their products.  

When I noticed on their Instagram that they were looking for nail bloggers to review their products, I immediately emailed them and was fortunate enough to receive the products in the mail a few days later. The three colors I received are #107 "Pinky Swear", #242 "Pink Sky" and #244 "Sweetheart".

Here is a swatch of "Pink Sky" in person with only two coats needed to make it opaque. At first when I opened the bottle it looked like a cool-toned lilac, but once applied it turns out to be a neutral pink color that's perfect for everyday. I would say it's in between the Gelish colors "Princess Tiara" and "All Haile The Queen".

The first thing I noticed was that the formula wasn't as thick as Gelish is and went on much smoothier without any streaks. Also, there was no shrinkage and still had a decent amount of shine even though no top coat was used.

The only disadvantage I would say of using this gel polish without a base or top coat is that it claims to only last 7 days. Personally, I switch gel polish colors frequently so this isn't a problem for me but for others who want their manicure to last longer it recommends to use the base and top coat with it.

My manicure lasted a solid 9 days without a base or top coat and by that time I was sick of the color anyways so it worked well to my advantage! There was no chipping or lifting but it seemed that the color was a bit dull and less shiny around that time.

What I really loved about the product was how easy it was to soak it off! I always hate waiting 15-20 minutes to remove a manicure but with this it was so easy and only took around 5 minutes to remove completely! Overall, I'm impressed with this product and will defiantly order more in the future. I highly recommend it to people who love switching up their nail color all the time and hate waiting for their gel polish to soak off.

 Here are some photos of the other colors I was sent. "Pinky Swear" which is a peach/salmon color and "Sweetheart" which is a royal purple: 

 For more information, swatches, and gel polish options click here for the official Bio Seaweed Gel website or follow them on Instagram @Bioseaweedgel

Until next time lovelies,


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