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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blog Spotlight: World of Wanderlust


A few weeks ago when I was still in New Orleans, I posted a video of the French Quarter on my Instagram and noticed someone with the IG name Worldwanderlust liked it. I thought it was just another person like me who loved to travel and I thought I should check out their page. Little did I know, one of the most popular travel bloggers on Instagram and the web liked my video and I haven't even heard of her! (what?!)

Her name is Brooke Saward and she's the creater of the blog World of Wanderlust which provides gorgeous pictures of her many travels along with guides and helpful tips on how to make your travels easier. It only took me a few minutes to scroll through all her pictures and instantly becoming envious of her job as a travel blogger. Later on when I looked through her blog, my envy soon turned into inspiration when I learned more of Brooke's story on how she got started traveling the world and how she realized she wasn't living the life that she wanted. What really spoke to me was how she started traveling solo at 20 (my age!) and decided to take the leap of traveling full-time right after her college graduation. She is a success story all because she had the courage to follow her dreams and not live a normal, mundane life. 

It's only been a few weeks since I've been reading her blog and following her travels, but I'm already obsessed with her and what's even better is that the girl has amazing style! How much better can it get?! I'm not even shocked to see that she has so many fans and has won a prestigious award for her blog. I could only hope that I have half the courage she has when it comes to living my life.

If you want to check out her blog visit!

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