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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dealing With Losing Your Best Friend

Hello everyone, inspiration struck and I felt like writing something life-related again. I think we've all lost a best friend at some point in time but I found that it seems to hurt more once you get older. It's one thing to lose a best friend for a particular reason but it's another to lose one because of time and lack of effort from one or both parties. That's what happens when you start to become an adult, you have less time for each other and then after a while the friendship seems to be forgotten. It's especially painful when the friendship becomes one-sided, when that one person seems to be "holding on" while the other has moved on with his/her life and has found a new group of friends. 

I'm not sure if everyone has gone through the loss of a best friend in this way but sadly most of us will as we get older. Life does get in the way and people do change (especially after high school!) but with all things in life, there is hope. You may think that you'll never find a best friend like them ever again that understands you and is able to connect so well, but trust me you will. You have your whole life to make new friends. You may think everyone else is second-best compared to your best friend but there's so many interesting people to meet in this world and you never know, you might find someone just the same or even better. 

The secret to dealing with this problem is to MOVE ON and LET GO. You can't just do one without the other. If you've tried to fix the friendship and your best friend doesn't want to put in the effort anymore then what else is there to do? You just can't change people but you can change the way you react to the situation. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and wondering what you could've done differently, accept the fact that it happened. I've always believed in life that every end is simply a new beginning.

Back when I lost my best friend I remember looking through old pictures and stalking her on facebook and wondering what all her new friends had that I didn't and feeling bad about myself. I WASTED so much time wondering what was wrong with me that I didn't take the time to see what was right in front of me: a new opportunity! 

You CAN make new friends and you are worthy of having healthy friendships with people that actually appreciate and care about you. Don't settle for less than that. It's your ex-best friend's loss that she/he is losing someone like you. Don't look back on that old friendship anymore because it no longer exists. Instead, make new room for new friendships and experiences that will make you happy. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it helped at least one person in some way! Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Until next time lovelies, 


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