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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Update On My Weight-Loss

Hey guys! So I haven't blogged about fitness in a while so I thought I'd give you guys an update on my weight-loss. It's been a couple months since I've posted my last weight-loss post which you can still read here. I've still been going strong and working out frequently along with eating healthy and I've lost another 13 pounds making it 23 pounds in total that I've lost!

I typically don't look at the scale often and since I lift weights and muscle weighs more than fat, I try to only weigh myself once or twice a month. The quickest way I can tell if I lost weight is when I notice that my clothes start looking a little looser or I'm down another belt size. This past week, I was trying on my summer clothes from last year and I noticed that this skirt that I wore to DC was so loose on me! I was shocked! It's so strange how day to day you think you look the same and then you try on something old and you realize how much weight you've really lost! 

I still can't believe that I even have the determination to keep going with this, I never would've thought I would be able to stick to a healthy routine for a year now. I just feel so proud of myself! I actually like myself now and not just cause I lost weight but because I know I've worked hard to become who I am. Fitness teaches you a lot of things but most of all it teaches you to respect your body. I know that I'm not perfect and certainly don't look perfect, but I can honestly look in the mirror and say that I'm content with the way I look. I hope one day we can all get to that point in our lives where we can say that to ourselves. That's what really made this fitness journey worth it: to watch myself improve into a better version of me both mentally and physically.

Until next time lovelies,


Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Craving For Travel

The first time I traveled was when I was 4 and I was visiting family in Istanbul, Turkey. Ever since then I began to grow more and more curious about the world. I wanted to experience and see it all and found that there wasn't anything too interesting about a "normal" life. I grew sad living in a small city with few people on the streets, terrible weather repeatedly, and nothing new to explore. Sure, there was those family vacations to Istanbul that we went to every other year and I looked forward to them like there was no tomorrow, but I found that it wasn't enough for me. I needed to see more and all my parents would say was "wait until you're older". 

Right after high school finished, I planned my first trip and thus began to give in to my wanderlust. Right when I set foot in New York City, I felt like I was alive again. The people, the places to go, and the overall energy of the city was just what I needed. There was just something so beautiful about not knowing where everything was and experiencing everything for the first time. I could only describe it as being exhilarating. It made me forget all my troubles and allowed me to focus in on the moment. Most importantly, I realized traveling made me happy to be alive and I wanted to re-live that feeling over and over again.

After that trip, I became obsessed with traveling. I found myself daydreaming about all the places that I could visit in class and even carrying a small notebook with me in my purse to jot down travel ideas. I swear half the fun of traveling is getting prepared to travel and counting down the days!

With this in mind, I hope everyone discovers the beauty of wanderlust and gets to travel and go beyond what they already know about the world. Not only do you see new places, try new foods, and make new memories but I've found that you discover more about yourself. It changes you and gives you this wisdom that not everyone has.

Try to at least visit a new place once a year if possible. It doesn't always have to be someplace far away, it can be short road trips to cities near-by that you haven't had time to discover yet! You would be surprised at what's out there! Before you know it, you'll have wanderlust as well.

Until next time lovelies,


Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Look Stylish in Tie-Dye

When you think of fashion, tie-dye typically has a bad rep and makes you think of your elementary school days where you made them by hand in summer camp. Personally, I think tie-dye can be quite stylish and can be pulled off without looking like a 8 year old! Here are a few tips to wearing tie-dye in a more sophisticated way...

# 1. Keep Everything Simple

When you're wearing such a bold-print like tie-dye it's best to keep everything else simple and pair it with solids. Here Olivia Palermo is wearing tie-dye jeans and color coordinated the rest of her outfit with a burgundy handbag and a navy blue coat. Who says tie-dye is only worn in the summer?

#2. Start Small With Accessories 

If you want to try the tie dye look but are still hesitant, try adding it into your wardrobe with some accessories such as a scarf or a handbag. Here's one of my favorite Michael Kors bag from the new summer collection (they used so much tie dye!) called the Marina tote and as you can see from the photo, it's worn with an all-white outfit that just screams summer and draws attention to the bag.

#3.) Avoid Rainbow Patterns

Typically I stick to two-tone tie dye colors and try to avoid the rainbow patterns because of my fear of looking too childish. Of course, fashion is all about experimenting so if you think you can do it then go right ahead! I just tend to play it safe! Here Nicky Hilton paired her black and white tie dye skirt with a classic blazer and a tank top which I could totally see myself doing. I swear Nicky is SO underrated when it comes to her style. The girl knows how to dress!

#4.) Go Girly 

If you're someone who has a more girly style like I do then try wearing a tie-dye dress! I think it's the easiest way to get into the trend and most places start carrying tie-dye dresses during the summertime (perfect!). You can either go with a maxi dress or try something a bit shorter such as this one shoulder dress that Ashley Tisdale is wearing.

What do you think of the tie-dye trend? Will you be wearing it this summer? Let me know!

Until next time lovelies,


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Perks of Life After High School

"I really came to realize - and it's the best advice that will come out at the end of this show - that high school is not the end, it is not the best, and it is not the only. You will have a whole life afterward if you're lucky." -Leighton Meester

Lately I've been in a very self-reflective mood and I started thinking about how high school for me was only two years ago but it feels like a decade. It's funny how incredibly amazing life got after high school. I'm not saying I had a bad high school experience, it was great but I always knew that there was better things for me in the future. I remember during my high school graduation how everyone was crying and thinking it was the end of the world and I was just standing there thinking "really?!". There was one point where I thought there was something wrong with me for not being sad at my own graduation! haha. Personally, I just didn't think graduating high school was a big accomplishment and wanted to just get to college as fast as I can. I knew there the real action would start taking place...and it did! 

My eyes opened up when I started college: no one knew who I was so I had a fresh start, I could make my own schedule, I had a part-time job so I can buy whatever I want, and most importantly, I had so much more freedom! The only way I could describe it is similar to going from a fish bowl to an ocean. 

With all these changes, a lot of revelations took place as well. One of the most important was realizing that the only reason why I was friends with certain people in high school was simply because I saw them 5 days a week. After it ended, I realized I didn't have much in common with them and just wanted to end meaningless friendships.

The memories of course are still fresh since it's only been two years but I can already tell that they're beginning to fade because I no longer think about the people I was friends with as much. I think by focusing and trying to have a good time in the present it allows a person to not dwell on the past and future. Plus there's so many opportunities to pick and choose new people to be friends with! You no longer have to be friends with people just because you're all stuck together for 4 years!

I'm not going to lie, it's not always sunshine and rainbows after high school. Life does get incredibly hardier especially since this whole being an adult thing is so new, but trust me life does get BETTER. So if you're in high school right now and you're thinking that things are falling apart and you can't move on, believe me I've been there before and I thought the same thing. I've been through many hardships while in high school and I made a lot of mistakes, but that doesn't mean that it's the end of the world. You have to keep moving forward because one day things will get better and you'll look back on it and think "did I really go through that?".

I think the one thing I love most about life after high school is that anything can happen. There's so many possibilities and so many opportunities out there to become the person you always dreamed of being. You get surprised everyday because it always turns out different from what you expected. Unlike high school where your 4 years are pretty much planned out, in life there are no rules and you can choose whichever direction you want to go.

Lastly, I wanted to say that it is okay to miss your days back in high school once in a while, but try not to stay stuck on the past. Every story has an end, but luckily in life, every end is just a new beginning. Why not take advantage of these new beginnings?

Until next time lovelies,


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lydia Martin Season 3 Style

When I first started my blog, I made a post about my obsession with Lydia Martin's style on Teen Wolf and ever since then it's been the most viewed post on my blog! It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who's obsessed with her on the show! 

In honor of last night's season finale episode, I thought I'd make a post about Lydia's season 3 style and what my favorites were. Note: Just to save some time, I decided to skip two of her outfits that she wore in the beginning of this season that I already mentioned in my last Lydia post which you can still read here.

Episode 20: "The Echo House"

In this episode, Lydia was wearing a navy blue Lush dress from Nordstrom that includes a zipper detail in the back. I can totally see myself wearing this and I thought it was great that she's wearing something more simple and no-fuss.She is a high school kid so at times it seems ridiculous that she's wearing high heels and red lipstick to school when in reality a high school girl who's into fashion might wear something similar to this.

Episode 15: "Galvanize"

This outfit was a bit more unexpected for me cause we're all so used to Lydia wearing very feminine outfits with a touch of sexiness but in this one she went for the more preppy look. She's wearing a Gap sweater with a yellow plaid shirt underneath and a red leather skirt which is totally unique and hard to pull off! Also, has anyone else noticed that Lydia wore the same red leather skirt 3 times this season but with different outfits? I think this is the first time I've ever seen a tv show do that!

Episode 5: "Frayed"

Loved the Guess jean jacket and the floral dress along with the brown Coach boots, it reminded me a lot of what Caroline would wear on the Vampire Diaries!

Episode 24: "The Divine Move"

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a screenshot from the season finale of this dress but I did find this picture on Tumblr of Holland at an art gallery wearing the same dress. If you've watched the season finale, you would see that the dress has a slight high-low hemline and is worn with black ankle boots.

That's it for now! There was one more outfit that I really liked and that was in episode 23 where Lydia is wearing another floral dress but with a brown leather jacket. Sadly, I couldn't find any good pictures of it so I couldn't feature it.

For more info on her outfits visit teenwolf-style or hollandstyle on Tumblr which is where I found the photos :)

Until next time lovelies,


Monday, March 24, 2014

Tiffany & Co Return to Tiffany Double Heart Ring

Back in November I added another addition to my Tiffany & Co collection and since I stopped blogging around that time I never got a chance to talk about this piece. I thought I'd share my thoughts on this one since there's not too many reviews on jewelry out there and it might help some people who were looking to buy this :) 

The official name of this ring is the Return to Tiffany Double Heart Ring due to the classic logo on one of the silver hearts. The second heart underneath it is a blue enamel heart and both are attached to a solid silver ring.

It's a small dainty piece that defiantly catches the eye whenever you move your hand since the hearts tend to move around a lot and flip back and forth. It's quite delicate and I always have the fear that the hearts are going to break off so I'm extra careful with it and typically wear it on my non-dominant hand. 

Nonetheless, it's a gorgeous piece and not something you see everyday. I think it's a great piece to add to your collection and I'm surprised it's not talked about more! Although the price of Tiffany & Co jewelry is a bit steep, it is a great investment because of it's quality and timeless design. I've been wearing this ring non-stop for a couple months now and it still looks brand new!

 In case you're wondering which Tiffany & Co I got it from, I went to the Kings of Prussia Mall near Philadelphia and I'm pretty sure I won't be returning to that one since the employees were a bit snobbish. I don't know if it's because I'm young or because it was the holiday season and people get nuts around that time of year but there's really no excuse for that kind of treatment. Oh well...

Until next time lovelies, 


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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Style Star: Lucy Hale at Paleyfest 2014


I've been following Lucy Hale's style for a while now ever since Pretty Little Liars first began and I swear this girl can look good in anything! The crop top and pencil skirt trend has been around for a while now and although I'm not the biggest fan of the trend and don't think it looks good on everyone, Lucy defiantly pulled it off! In case anyone is wondering, the top and skirt are by Tibi which is a brand that Lucy seems to wear a lot of at events.

The blue crop top with the criss-cross straps in the back was a unique take on the trend while I also loved how she decided not to wear a pencil skirt and went with something more flowy. I admit being 5'2 myself, it's hard to pull off a skirt like that and not end up looking even more short but it's obvious she had some great tailoring. 

As for the hair, the ombre trend seems to be dying out in Hollywood and she's one of the few celebs along with Lauren Conrad and Khloe Kardashian who's still sporting it. In this case, her ombre locks seem to look vibrant against the baby blue color of her top and makes her look fresh and bright!

Well that's it for now! Has anyone else watched the season finale of PLL? Or even Teen Wolf this week?! It's been such a hard week for us fans :( 

Until next time lovelies, 


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Monday, March 17, 2014

New Gel Polish Swatches

Hey guys! So for the past couple of months when I wasn't blogging I was still doing gel nails and managed to expand my gel nail polish collection! Here are some swatches just in case anyone else was wondering what these colors looked like. Whenever I buy gel nail polish online I'm always looking for swatches of the colors on a person and sometimes I can't find any decent pictures at all. Mind you, these were taken from my Instagram account so they aren't the best but they at least give you an idea of what they look like

Princess Nails

Here is Pink Smoothie by Gelish and on the ring finger, Tinsel Toast by Shellac. As for the "quilted" design, I used a Konad nail stamp but it can be easily drawn on your own if you're good at holding a nail art brush! I found that both colors go on very smoothly and Pink Smoothie is opaque with 2 coats while Tinsel Toast takes 3 coats to be opaque.

Winter Chic

This manicure I was sporting back in Janurary so it's a nice winter look and I probably wouldn't wear plain black nails like this again during any other time but hey to each their own! On the pointer and middle finger is Gelish Black Shadow, on the ring finger is Gelish Arctic Freeze, and the silver is Gelish Waterfield with silver loose glitter patted on the top. For the snowflake design, I just drew that with a thin nail art brush while looking at a snowflake picture online haha.

 The Definition of Girly

I'd like to call these nails the definition of girly because they're pink and glittery! What else could you ask for? It doesn't even need a design cause it's just so pretty on it's own! I apologize for the horrible quality picture but it looks so much better in real life, not to mention shiny! This is Gelish's High Voltage and goes on opaque after 2 coats. 

Pretty in Mint

Mint green or "Tiffany Blue" as I like to call it, is my favorite color so of course I've been on the lookout for the perfect mint. This is from a new brand I'm trying out called Le Chat and the color is Moon River. As for the ring finger, this time I used a white gel polish as the base and patted loose silver glitter on top. The black gel polish on the middle finger is Gelish's Black Shadow along with a feather that I drew myself haha as you can see it didn't turn out that great. 

Dark Glamour

This is probably one of my all-time favorite manicures because it's so simple yet looks elegant! The maroon color is Gelish Bella's Vampire and the gold is Shellac Tinsel Toast once again but this time with loose gold glitter patted on top. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time lovelies, 


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dealing With Losing Your Best Friend

Hello everyone, inspiration struck and I felt like writing something life-related again. I think we've all lost a best friend at some point in time but I found that it seems to hurt more once you get older. It's one thing to lose a best friend for a particular reason but it's another to lose one because of time and lack of effort from one or both parties. That's what happens when you start to become an adult, you have less time for each other and then after a while the friendship seems to be forgotten. It's especially painful when the friendship becomes one-sided, when that one person seems to be "holding on" while the other has moved on with his/her life and has found a new group of friends. 

I'm not sure if everyone has gone through the loss of a best friend in this way but sadly most of us will as we get older. Life does get in the way and people do change (especially after high school!) but with all things in life, there is hope. You may think that you'll never find a best friend like them ever again that understands you and is able to connect so well, but trust me you will. You have your whole life to make new friends. You may think everyone else is second-best compared to your best friend but there's so many interesting people to meet in this world and you never know, you might find someone just the same or even better. 

The secret to dealing with this problem is to MOVE ON and LET GO. You can't just do one without the other. If you've tried to fix the friendship and your best friend doesn't want to put in the effort anymore then what else is there to do? You just can't change people but you can change the way you react to the situation. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and wondering what you could've done differently, accept the fact that it happened. I've always believed in life that every end is simply a new beginning.

Back when I lost my best friend I remember looking through old pictures and stalking her on facebook and wondering what all her new friends had that I didn't and feeling bad about myself. I WASTED so much time wondering what was wrong with me that I didn't take the time to see what was right in front of me: a new opportunity! 

You CAN make new friends and you are worthy of having healthy friendships with people that actually appreciate and care about you. Don't settle for less than that. It's your ex-best friend's loss that she/he is losing someone like you. Don't look back on that old friendship anymore because it no longer exists. Instead, make new room for new friendships and experiences that will make you happy. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it helped at least one person in some way! Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Until next time lovelies, 


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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Comfort Zone: Are You Bored Yet?

Hey guys, I'm back! Sorry for the hiatus, life just got in the way but hopefully I'll get back to posting more frequently! 

Today I had the odd urge to write about something more inspirational and thought why not just do it on a monday when people aren't feeling so good? haha.
I wanted to talk about something that's been a challenge for me for a long time and that's taking risks. I've probably been taking risks my whole life (how else would I have gotten to this point in my life if I haven't?) but have you ever felt like you can't move away from your comfort zone? It's hard taking risks and allowing yourself to change what you're already so used to. In the past couple months when I wasn't blogging, I literally felt bored with my life, I felt depressed, and I felt like I was missing out on something but I didn't know what it was. I was going to school, hanging out with friends, doing everything that a "normal" college student would be doing but it just wasn't enough for me. I remember sitting at work during my lunch break and thinking "I wish something would change". 

It hit me that I was living too much in my comfort zone, I allowed myself to live a boring life and to become a workaholic in order to distract myself from it. The worst part was that I THOUGHT there was nothing I could do to fix it. SO NOT TRUE. Your life is your own, at any given moment you have the choice to change and go on a different path. You don't need to settle for less. Which brings me to the Seinfeld episode that finally motivated me...haha. 

George Constanza has always been one of my favorite characters on Seinfeld due to the reason of how everything seems to go wrong for him. I could relate at the time cause everything was going wrong for me too! I was miserable just like him! Yet in one episode, things started to look up for him when Jerry suggested he do "the opposite". Instead of George ordering tuna on toast for lunch he went with chicken on rye and instead of shying away from beautiful women, he talked to them. Just like Jerry had said "If every instinct you have is meant to be wrong, then the opposite would have to be right." I began to wonder can the same be applied to real life?

So I asked myself, "If I could do anything right now, what would I do? What do I really want?" And I was surprised at how many things I could come up with. I wanted excitement, I wanted to experience different things, talk to different people, and be in a place that I actually liked. The complete opposite. Figuring out that I was unhappy changed everything. I decided to take a risk and apply for a college in another state and fulfill my dream of living in a major city. So I did. It wasn't easy and there was a lot of sleepless nights where I asked myself "What the hell are you doing?!" but I finally took the leap. All of a sudden after I sent out my last college application, it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. And the best part? I felt proud of myself. I knew that this was the beginning of a journey.

The lesson learned is that taking risks is all about ACTION. You can't just sit there and feel sorry for yourself like George Constanza and I did and expect things to work out. Whatever your fears and anxiety is telling you is not true! The human mind tends to make things appear worse than they really are. Trust me, nothing ever happens the way you think it will. Even if you take a risk and you fail, at least you can look back on your life and not have any regrets. 

With this, I'd like to end this post with one of my favorite quotes from the late Nelson Mandela: "There is no passion to be found in playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living".

Until next time lovelies, 

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