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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Too Faced Size Queen Mascara

 Decided to throw out all my old mascaras and to only buy one mascara at a time (I'm not sure how well that's gonna work!) and thought I should take my chances with Too Faced Size Queen. The description says that it's a "keratin-infused, curl-setting formula that works synergistically with the gigantic, dual-helix brush to create big lashes". The first thing you'll notice when opening the tube is how huge the brush is! It's basically bigger than the size of my eye so I was confused on how I was supposed to use this mascara. As you can see, the brush is a corkscrew shape with two different types of bristles on it and in case you're wondering the formula contains vitamins C and E along with red algae to keep lashes healthy and flexible. This mascara retails for $21.00 at Sephora and is 0.5oz which is packaged in a pretty pink and black tube.

Although the biggest problem with this mascara is how big the brush is, I was pleasantely surprised at the results! I did have to go back with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and remove all the spots on my eye that I got mascara on but I think the pro's outweighed the con's with this one. I received compliments on my lashes the whole day the first time that I wore it which never happens so I don't mind! Just don't try to apply this mascara while driving cause you'll most likely poke your eye out!

What I loved about it is that you only need one coat to define your lashes and give them volume while at the same time it gives your lashes a curl that I've never seen before! The curl held up all day and I think that's why people were complimenting my lashes even after an 8 hour shift, it's long-lasting! It also felt very light-weight on my lashes and didn't make me look like I have racoon eyes but gave me a natural look so that's always a plus. I think the reason why this mascara is able to hold such a good curl for a long amount of time is because you only need one coat and any more than that would weigh lashes down after a few minutes. It also might have to do with the brush having two different types of bristles in it in order to get the best of both worlds. There's not too many mascaras out there that can volumize, define and lengthen lashes at the same time, it always feel like there's something missing but with this one they managed to perfect it.

Overall, this is my new favorite mascara and I'm glad that I took the risk for once instead of spending hours researching every product that I buy because well, I'm paranoid. Sometimes it's nice to take risks, no matter how small they are :)

Until next time lovelies, 


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