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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Best Lush Products For Dry Skin

Whenever I have an issue with my skin, the first place that I always go to is Lush. No surprise right? One of my biggest problems, especially in the winter time is my horrible dry skin! I've used countless products from the drug store yet nothing seemed to really work until I tried Lush products. Here's my list of the best products for dry skin from Lush and even though there's no way to actually "cure" your dry skin, these products do make you come closer to not having to use lotion so much.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

Hands down, the best product I've ever used for my dry skin! It's holy grail material! This is the reason why I never use body lotion anymore! You simply slather this on in the shower, let it sit for a few seconds and bam! Smooth, moisturized arms and legs without even stepping out of the shower! The best part is that it doesn't leave you feeling greasy while the delicious scent of rose and cocoa butter leaves you feeling like you're in heaven! My skin's never felt so soft! 

Aqua Mirabilis Butter Bar

Most of the time, dry skin is quite sensitive especially to scrubs yet Aqua Mirabilis is designed for exactly that. It takes away all that flaky, dry skin and actually leaves you with moisturized skin! You can put some lotion on afterwards but I never really feel the need t. I tend to only use this once a week since it's not good to over-exfoliate and I do think this is a gentler version of Lush's infamous Buffy which everyone raves about (too greasy for me!). It does have an almond smell which I can tolerate but some people might not like it so make sure to try this in stores first!

Dream Cream Body Lotion

If you're looking to for a good body lotion, then I'd defiantly recommend giving Dream Cream a try! It has a thick, cream-like texture and smells like lavender and rose and a little goes a long way with this one. All you need is a thin layer and it absorbs in seconds making itchy, red, irritated skin disappear and I even made my mom try this (she has eczema) and she said it didn't bother her at all despite it having a fragrance.

Tiny Hands

This product is seriously a miracle-worker and just look at how adorable it is! It's a solid bar that you rub into your hands and melts into your skin but the con is that it does take a while for it to absorb and leaves your hands a bit greasy in the meantime. I only use this when my hands are looking insanely harsh and even then, I only use it before I go to bed so it works throughout the night. The results are incredible though and after using this, I don't feel the need to use lotion for the next couple of days! 

Butterball Bath Bomb

Now this wouldn't be a Lush post without mentioning some bath bombs! Butterball is my favorite for dry skin because it moisturizes skin without leaving you greasy and the vanilla scent makes you feel so relaxed! This one doesn't really turn the water into a bunch of pretty colors but hey if you're in need of a quick fix for dry skin then you'll like it despite that, plus you won't have to clean your tub afterwards!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you've tried any of these products!

Until next time lovelies, 


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