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Monday, October 7, 2013

House of Versace Movie Review

Happy Monday to everyone! I hope it's pain-free as possible! Did anyone else watch the House of Versace on Lifetime over the weekend? Surprisingly I did even though I'm not one for cheesy lifetime tv movies, but Versace has always been one of my favorite labels and I couldn't help but be curious about the movie. Mind you, I'm no movie critic and I'm sure you'll be able to find better reviews than this but I thought I'd review the movie from a fashionista's point of view. The movie's plot is based on the book "House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival" by Deborah Ball so it isn't a completely accurate concept of what really happened and funny enough, the Versace company rep was quoted as saying "the movie should only been seen as a work of fiction" so keep that in mind when watching this movie!

 The movie to me was satisfactory, it told the story and although at times it got a little boring, it did keep me entertained for an hour and a half on a Saturday night but then again I'm bias because I love Versace. If I watched any other movie on Lifetime, I would've switched channels in a few minutes because the movies are just so campy! If you're into fashion and have nothing else to do on a saturday night then go watch this, sure it's no an Oscar-worthy movie but hey it's somewhat interesting.

Now let's get to the details, I have to say that the casting and makeup for this movie was brilliant especially when it came to Gina Gershon being cast to play Donatella Versace. Everything was on point and it was uncanny at times at how well Gina was able to portray Donatella's character. Even her body shape and her walk was just like Donatella's! Impressive. As for Gianni and Donatella's daughter Allegra, I thought the casting was excellent as well because they looked like their doppelgangers! Kudos, on casting. It's always annoying seeing an actor look nothing like the actual character that they're playing so I'm glad they took the time to find people who looked like them. 

Pros? Well Donatella was entertaining and her one-liners such as "I was crazy before the drugs" made me laugh so that's always nice. Other then that, I did like the outfits that she was sporting such as the white suit or the "Versace" bag she was carrying while wearing all black. As for scenes that really stood out to me, there weren't many but the rehab scene where she's talking to her kids made me a little emotional and I can totally see the strong bond that the Versace family had together.

As for the cons, I was a bit disappointed in the way they portrayed Gianni's death, it's like one minute he was there and then the next he gets shot and then it's onto the funeral. I did like the way they shot Donatella's fall once she heard the news of his death in slow motion, but other then that I wish they would've done more with it. There was a bunch of cheesy scenes which I'm not even going to talk about cause what do you expect but the biggest con was the way they portrayed the Versace clothes and the fashion show sets, I mean I know they have a low budget for these Lifetime movies but come on now! It just looked so tacky! If you're going to make a movie about a designer label then at least portray their clothes in a good way! The only thing that struck me as odd was how they didn't mention anything about Donatella's plastic surgery or Allegra's anorexia even though Donatella's drug addiction was a main part of the movie. Mhm...

Like I said, not the best movie ever but it's not completely horrible. Kinda made me sad that I had nothing else to do on a saturday night haha. I'd love to hear some thoughts from other people so feel free to comment below!

Until next time lovelies, 


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