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Thursday, September 12, 2013

NY Fashion Week 2013 Favorites

Who isn't obsessing over Fashion Week right about now? It seems like everyone's there! It's only a 6 hour drive from where I live and every year it gets worse and worse thinking about how I can't go! I envy bloggers and fashionistas who get to experience the whole thing! Thank God there's Instagram to see all the details including behind the scenes photos of the shows! It's almost like you're there yourself, ALMOST. Here are some of my favorites...

Rebecca Minkoff

I'm a huge fan of her bags but haven't really paid much attention to her clothing line until now. I love the fact that milkmaid braids aren't out of style yet and the sporty-bohemian clothes make her line more wearable for anyone who's not a celebrity on the red carpet (ahem, me!). I would totally be rocking this shirt right about now, but I have a feeling a few popular clothing chains will be making some cheaper versions of this in the future.

Naeem Khan

By far, my favorite from this year's show is Naeem Khan's beautiful designs. I could go on and on about just the makeup and hair alone! The models looked breathtaking! In this show, milkbraids were also used yet this time around in a more elegant, Frida Kahlo inspired look. The whole collection has this Spanish-matador type of vibe to it which looked regal and luxurious, a definite winner in my book!

Herve Leger

Who doesn't love a good ol' stretchy Herve Leger dress? This time around the collection had a more darker feel to it with many leather materials shown which is quite trendy right now so I'm glad to see that the trend will be continuing towards next year. What stood out to me was that although the pieces were edgy, the simplicity of the clothes gave the collection a more sleek, sexy feel so heavy makeup and hair weren't even needed! Aside from the clothes, there was a huge turn-out at the show which made me want to mention...NICKI MINAJ. This girl actually looks sophisticated for once! I love her hair and that outfit? I can't believe I'm saying this but I love what she's wearing!

Well that's it for now! There's been a lack of posts lately since I've been back at school but hopefully I'll be able to post more frequently as I get into the hang of things again.

What are your favorites from fashion week this year? Any trends that you're willing to try out?

Until next time lovelies,


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