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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nails of the Day: Sunday Funday

Apologies for the lack of notd posts, I was waiting for my new gel polishes to come in the mail and yesterday they finally came in! It's hard ordering gel polishes online cause you really don't know what the color is going to look like until after you apply it to your nails. Although, I looked up swatches online and most of them were accurate, Gelish's Carnaval Hangover turned out to be a hot redish-coral color instead of a purple, weird! The bottle even has a purple stripe on it to show it's color but it was completely wrong! Not that I don't like the color cause I love how bright it is but it's just not what I was expecting! I put on two coats to make it opaque but maybe I should've applied more to make the color darker? Oh well...

As for the accent nails I first applied Ink's Victorian Rouge which is a clear gel filled with medium to large size blue glitters. I realized that it's better to use this as a top coat on top of other colors instead of on a plain nail like I did because it takes a while to make it opaque. A lot of the glitter from it didn't show up so I layered OPI's Which is Witch on top of it and bam! Instant glittery nails! I'm extremely impressed with the OPI gel because one thin coat easily covered the whole nail in glitter and made the blue glitter from Ink stand out more. I just can't stop staring at my nails now! I usually don't do clear glittery polishes on plain nails since you can see your nails underneath the gel but I liked the way it looks so I decided to keep it. If you can't tell OPI's Which is Witch is a clear gel with both small and large size silver glitter in it and is available in regular nail polish form. That's what I love most about OPI: many of their nail polishes are sold as gel polishes as well so you can always have chip-free nails yet still be sporting the latest from OPI!

I'm defiantly planning on buying more OPI gel polishes in the future although the price tag is a bit steep even though I bought it from Ebay! But at least now I can understand why! Defiantly the best out of all gel polish brands that I've used out there. 

What do you guys think of OPI gel polishes? What's your favorite brand? 

Until next time lovelies, 


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