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Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Hairstyles That Won't Make You Late for School

Everyone has a signature hairstyle, but once in a while I feel like doing something different to my hair so I thought I'd share my go-to hairstyles that require little effort and make you look glam in no time! Mind you, you don't have to be good at doing hair in order to recreate these hairstyles at home!

 The "Blair Waldorf"

Is it just me or does anyone else miss watching Gossip Girl?! I still adore Leighton Meester's character Blair Waldorf and her epic headbands. You can just put one on and go! But on the days where I have extra time, I like to curl the ends of my hair like Blair to give it that extra oomph! If you're someone like me who gets headaches from headbands, try wearing a silk one that you can just wrap around your head and tie!

The Fishtail Braid

I used to do this hairstyle back in my senior year of high school when it first became popular and I'm so glad that the trend is here to stay! It looks a lot more interesting than a regular old braid yet it's easy enough to do for someone who's not that great at braiding. Plus, it's easy to take this look from day to night! In case you don't know how to do the fishtail braid, check out Youtube which is where I learned!

The Side Bun

This is another hairstyle that I used to do in high school, especially on the days that I had presentations! It's sweet, girly, and looks flattering on almost anyone! I remember getting lots of compliments on this and it's especially great for someone with wavy/curly hair like me! All you do is put your hair into a ponytail on the side, twist the ponytail, wrap it into a loose bun and pin it with bobby pins. Have bangs? It'll look even better!

The Bohemian Do'

If you're someone who always parts their hair down the middle, this one is definatly for you! Simply take two small sections of hair from the front and twist it while pinning it to the back of your head. Take a curling iron and create a few waves at the ends and you got yourself a bohemian look!

The Messy Ponytail

For some reason, I never see too many people at school wearing a ponytail anymore...strange. Anyways, I love a messy ponytail but the trick is to start out with straight hair and then mess it up from there. The ponytail should be a bit high up with a bit of volume on top and a few messy pieces pulled down at the front to flatter your face. Pair this look with some cute earrings and you're all set to go! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some ideas from this!

Until next time lovelies, 


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