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Friday, August 23, 2013

How To Wear Leather Leggings

I hate to say it, but summer's almost over which means bringing out the heavy clothes and layering pieces. One of my favorite clothing pieces for the fall/winter weather is leather leggings! Although I've been wearing leather leggings since last year, I've seen an increase in clothing with leather this year making it even more popular. I used to think wearing leather leggings would be hard to pull off and something that only looks good on celebrities but I was wrong! It can be stylish in everyday life as long as it's done correctly. Here are some of my tips...


When it comes to leather leggings, it can be easy to look cheap and tacky if the material isn't good. Now I'm not saying go out and buy authentic leather (because it's animal cruelty!) but it's better to spend a bit more than usual on these since cheap ones can rip easily and loosen up over time as you wear them. If you feel like splurging, BCBG and Bebe make some great leather leggings but I also spotted some amazing ones at Kohls from the Vera Wang collection. 


I tend to stick to matte material when it comes to leather leggings, I just personally think if the leggings are too shiny (what do I mean by too shiny? If it makes you look like you just dipped your legs in black paint!) then it looks tacky for the daytime. Night-time on the other hand? I'm sure a more shiny material could be pulled off but you just have to be careful on what you pair it with and etc.

What to Wear it With

Leather leggings are a statement piece so I tend to keep the rest of my outfit casual and simple so most of the attention is focused in on the leggings. I usually like to pair it the same way I would pair simple black leggings: with a shirt that's long enough to cover my butt. I know some people like to wear leggings as pants and while I think that's alright at defiantly don't want to do it with LEATHER leggings! It's going to look way too tight and revealing and frankly no one wants to see that in broad daylight! haha. Other then that, try to not pair it with anything else that's leather (such as a jacket) since it'll be too much leather all at once and yes I have seen a full leather outfit before! :P

Outfit Examples

Here are a few pics of celebs that have paired their leather leggings with some amazing pieces and if you're looking for more examples, defiantly check out Kim Kardashian's outfits. I know she's not the most classiest person in the world, but at times she does dress amazing and she's seen wearing leather leggings a lot! What I love most about these outfits is that you can tell how easily leather leggings can be taken from day to night!

What do you guys think of leather leggings? Is it classy or tacky? 

Until next time lovelies, 


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