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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How To Stop Buying Clothes You Never Wear

This is probably one of the biggest problems that I have when it comes to shopping for new clothes. I always seem to buy that one article of clothing that I say I have to have yet never actually end up wearing. I'm sure we all have that one crazy purchase of shoes or shirt that we fall in love with immediately yet regret it a few months later and ask ourselves "why did I even buy this?!" and hide it in the back of our closet in order to forget about it. In order to avoid that and to save some money on ridiculous purchases, here are some of my tips to avoiding this problem: 

Avoiding Trends

Fall is right around the corner which means new trends are awaiting for everyone to try out which also means more meaningless purchases of clothes you'll probably never wear. The key to avoiding trends is to remind yourself that not all trends last and not all of them look good on everyone. Now of course this doesn't mean avoiding all trends altogether, go ahead and try them out! Just know that what's in right now, probably won't be in the future so make some wise decisions and ask yourself if you would really wear them later on!

Wearing It The Day After You Bought It

It's one thing to try on something in a dressing room with horrible lighting or inside the comfort of your home, but it's another thing to actually wear it out for a day. After I buy something that I'm unsure about, I like to wear it the next day as a "test run" to see if I'm actually comfortable in it and if I feel and look good. Most people tend to make impulse buys when they don't try on clothing in stores or if they simply just try it on to see if it "fits".

Realistic Lifestyle vs. Imaginary Lifestyle

Admit it, we've all bought that one dress or pair of shoes that we thought we would wear to a special occasion or imagined ourselves wearing on vacation yet never actually have. Everyone at least once in their lives have bought something that contributes to their "imaginary lifestyle", for example I'm obsessed with red carpet dresses and purchased an expensive floor-length dress that I was obsessing over yet only wore once in the past 5 years! Was it worth it? I'm not too sure about that but at the time that I was buying it, I was so caught up in my daydreams that I totally forgot that I don't actually wear these kinds of dresses often in my real life.

Buying Clothes When You're Emotional

People don't seem to talk about this one enough since everyone assumes (or at least the movies and the media portrays it this way) that when you're mad or feeling depressed you should go shopping in order to feel better. Well here's the truth: you tend to buy a lot of meaningless things that you think will make you feel better when it actually doesn't. At the end, you're stuck with a bunch of clothes that you bought at certain emotional moments that you regret and feel even more aggravated because you spent your hard-earned money on this worthless stuff. 

Buying The Same Clothes Over and Over Again

Are you one of those people who tend to buy extras of their favorite clothes but never actually end up wearing them since you're still wearing the original? Well believe it or not, when you spend money on a good quality piece of clothing, it tends to last for a while. I personally never buy extras of the same thing because I feel like I would get bored out of it after a while or my style would change after a couple years. Aside from buying extras, some people tend to buy clothes that they already own in their closet. That striped shirt that you bought at Forever 21? Don't you have 4 more of those in other colors hanging in your closet? Fashionistas these days...*sighs*

"But It's On Sale!"

I've used this excuse a million times before to justify buying things that I probably wouldn't buy if they were regular price. I love a good sale now and then but I always feel like people fall victim to buying new clothes just because they're on sale and not because they'll actually wear them. Follow sales on things that you'll actually like and not because it gives you a reason to buy something cheap that's normally ridiculously expensive that you'll actually never wear.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and hopefully some of you actually learned something new from it. Do you have any tips on how to avoid buying clothes you never wear? 

Until next time lovelies, 


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