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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sephora by OPI Nail Polishes

Sephora has been having a sale on all their Sephora brand nail products and after getting an email on a 3 for $10 deal for their Sephora by OPI nail polishes, I couldn't help but buy a couple. I've never used the Sephora by OPI brand before but I have heard some great things and was excited to try them out! Surprisingly, when I ordered these last week there was still a large selection of colors (maybe around 30?) available even though this sale has been going on for a while now. Since I'm getting into gel nails, I've only bought 3 of them from the sale and thought I should make it into one big post instead of posting them separately:

Casanova Is So Into Me 

The website describes this color as a "opaque cream pink petunia" or in other words, it's a medium pink rose color that's girly without being too childish. I think it's a great color for the fall if you're a big fan of pink like me but want to go more sophisticated. 

Jewelry Top Coat - Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild 

I love the name of this one! Glitter is defiantly my best friend and Sephora actually calls these their Jewelry Top Coats collection so if you're searching for it on the website, be sure to type that in. This one is described as "clear with medium and chunky purple glitter" and I simply just did one coat on top of Casanova Is So Into Me and was disappointed that the medium sized chunks didn't show up as much as the small glitter did. Nonetheless it's still pretty and would look great as an accent nail.

What A Broad

This one is the same color as the glitter polish and I actually didn't have a good purple in my collection so I thought I'd go with this one and it's described as a "opaque deep royal purple". It looks so much better in real life because of how rich the color looks and I think it's another perfect color for fall. 

I'm not surprised that I loved all three nail polishes and the formulas are almost exactly like the regular OPI brand. It took only one coat to make them opaque but out of habit, I did two coats to make sure. Mind you, I didn't use a base coat or top coat in these pictures and they didn't come out streaky at all and had enough shine! I wish I bought these polishes sooner! Amazing quality and for the price it's defiantly worth a look before they all run out.

Until next time lovelies, 


Friday, August 30, 2013

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Tone Correcting Shampoo

Last month when I went to the salon to get my hair colored and re-highlighted, I talked to my hairstylist about a very common problem: brassy hair. Although I'm a brunette, my blonde highlights keep getting brassy and she suggested I use what's called "purple shampoo" at least once a week. If you don't know what brassy hair is, it's basically when hair that's been dyed blonde, turns into an annoying orange color. Luckily for me, it's only beginning to get brassy so I thought I'd take care of the problem early on. 

After searching the internet for a good purple shampoo, I decided to try John Frieda's Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo which I read great reviews on and it was only $6 so I thought that I wouldn't feel too bad if it didn't work out. I've never tried purple shampoo before and to my surprise the color of the liquid was actually a bright purple instead of something like a lavender color that I was expecting. Once I applied it to my hair, it started to foam easily and the color turned into plain, old white foam so I was glad to see that it wouldn't leave any stains or anything like that.

I was shocked to see that it did work the first time around even though on the bottle it says to use it at least three times a week to see results. There was a small difference in the brassiness and I'm sure the more I use it, the more results I'll see. It took away the shiny, golden color that my highlights seemed to have and even made my brown hair look...browner? I'm guessing it's because it took away some of that redness that brown hair seems to have. My point is that it made my hair color seem more rich and took away the brassiness (is that a word?) the first time around. My only complaint is that once you rinse your hair out, you'll notice that your hair is incredibly dry so you'll have to use a good conditioner in order to make up for it. I personally don't see it as a problem but for some people with fine hair, it could cause a bit of hair fall-out. I probably won't be using this three times a week since it's a bit much but will alternate it with my regular shampoo.

What do you guys think of purple shampoo? Do you have other methods of getting rid of brassy hair?

Until next time lovelies,


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Loreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm


While at the gym, I always see the commercial for this repair mask and since I'm running low on the Organix Moroccan Oil moisturizing mask, I thought I'd give this a try. I've never actually used any Loreal hair products before but there are a few makeup products that I like from them so I was willing to take the chance. The damage-erasing balm claims to repair up to 1 year's worth of damage in 1 use and specifically targets 5 signs of damage: split ends, weak hair, roughness, dullness, and dehydration. It retails for about $6.99 at Ulta but I'm sure you would be able to find it cheaper at drugstores. It says to simply apply it on wet hair after shampooing and leaving it on for 3-5 minutes but I usually keep hair masks on for a half hour because of how damaged my hair is. 

The first thing I noticed once I opened the container was the strong lemon-citrus smell that I knew would give me a headache after using. It's not a fresh smell but more a cheap bottle of perfume smell that might make some people nauseous. I wasn't going to let that stop me though so I applied it to my hair and loved how thick and creamy the mask was, making it easier to spread throughout my hair and not make a mess in the tub. It has a non-greasy formula so it's perfect for all hair types especially thin, fine hair.

After leaving it on for a half hour with a shower cap on, I rinsed it out and what bothered me was how long it took to get it out of my hair. It's probably the thicker formula that's making it harder to get out but it also could be because I applied a bit more than usual to cover my whole head. Once I started combing my hair while wet, it was easily de-tangled (even though my curly hair was in knots!) and I had less hair loss because of it! Once it dried there was less frizz and I found that I didn't have to use as much styling products since my hair was silky and smooth on it's own. My hair color even seemed to look more bright and vivid! I was defiantly impressed and throughout the day my hair stayed moisturized and smooth-looking without looking limp or greasy. As for the split ends, I didn't see a difference but I'm sure after regular use there might be changes. I'm not sure if it really repaired a year's worth of damage but it certainly made my hair look better than it has in months! I can't stop touching my hair, it's THAT good! 

Nice job Loreal! Now if only you changed the smell of it!

Until next time lovelies,


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb

I'm not one for baths, I'm more a shower-girl but when it comes to Lush's bath bombs I always like to make the exception because of their amazing smells and how soft they leave your skin afterwards. I went to Lush earlier this week to get some Angels on Bare Skin since I was running low and couldn't resist buying a bath bomb. I swear it took all my strength to just buy one since these things are so addicting! I already tried Twilight and Dragon's Egg and wanted to go with something more glittery this time around so I decided on Space Girl. 

Space Girl is a periwinkle-colored bath bomb that's in the shape of a planet with gold glitter on top and contains poppying candies in it to make it fizz once it's in water. It's about $5.25 for one and is one of the more cheaper bath bombs at Lush while still looking pretty to the eye! The smell kinda reminded me of berries and cotton candy and the description says it contains grapefruit oil to refresh and tone the skin which I detected once the bath bomb started breaking down in the water.

After it melted, I was a bit disappointed since it didn't fizz as much as I thought it would and the glitter was very subtle and didn't leave any on my skin which I guess is good if you don't want to make a mess in the tub. As for the smell, it wasn't overwhelming at all yet lasted on my skin for a couple hours while giving my skin a smoother, moisturized feel. I was afraid that the grapefruit oil would leave a residue or greasy feel to my skin but in this case it didn't so I was happy! As for the color of the water, it turned into a greyish-purple color which wasn't the prettiest to look at but at the end of the day it was a relaxing bath so that's all that matters! Would I be repurchasing this again? Probably not, it wasn't really that exciting to me and I purchased it because of it's glitter yet there wasn't much in it :(

Have you tried Space Girl before? What are some of your favorite bath bombs?

Until next time lovelies, 


Monday, August 26, 2013

Favorite Looks From The MTV VMAS 2013

Is it just me or was the VMA's horrible this year? All the celebrities looked like they didn't want to be there and the audience didn't even seem that excited, it was so strange! There wasn't many exciting looks either and Lady Gaga and Katy Perry even seemed to be toning down their looks for the show, weird! Anyways, here are my favorite outfits from the red carpet that seemed to stand out from the rest last night: 

Taylor Swift

I'm a huge fan of Taylor's style and I love the fact that she went with something more sexier this time around while still looking glamorous and timeless. Oh and the 20's inspired hairstyle? Breathtaking especially up close on tv! I think she nailed it and I'm hoping to see more sophisticated looks like this from her in the future!

Selena Gomez

The first thought that came to mind when seeing this dress was "It's so 90's!" and I wasn't surprised to find out that it's actually a Versace dress. Her looks have been a lot more edgier lately and both her and Taylor have been sporting more skin lately while still maintaining to look classy and polished. The dress is just this incredible mix of vintage with the corset and a futuristic vibe with the studded details going along the edges of the dress along with the silver-toed heels. It's kinda cool how both Selena and Taylor wore the same color and sat next to each other during the show since they're BFF's, it kinda seems like they planned to match!

Ellie Goulding

I wish I can wear a dress like this and Ellie defiantly has a lot of guts showing up in a all-studded dress! I saw her sitting behind Taylor and Selena during the show and she changed outfits, no wonder! How would she have been able to sit in this dress?! Aside from the obvious fashion pain, the dress is effortless yet still makes her look chic enough for the red carpet. I just wish she did something with her hair instead of leaving it down and messy since it makes the whole look seem unfinished. 

Holland Roden

The best for last! My girl crush Holland Roden rocking this stunning pants-gown (is that a word?) and at first I wasn't going to put this on here but it's actually starting to grow on me. To me this gown isn't something you would wear to the VMA's. The event is too youthful and edgy and this dress looks like something you would wear to the Golden Globes or to some other awards show. I'm surprised that she chose this compared to what she wore the past years to the VMA's but she does look gorgeous nonetheless. I love a gown with pockets but I do wish that it was a full gown instead of pants but it did look amazing when she turned to the side to pose for photos.

Well that's about it, like I said not too many exciting looks but lots of exciting stuff happened at the VMA's this year like the NSYNC performance!

What did you think of this year's VMA's? Any favorite looks from the red carpet?

Until next time lovelies, 


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Friday, August 23, 2013

How To Wear Leather Leggings

I hate to say it, but summer's almost over which means bringing out the heavy clothes and layering pieces. One of my favorite clothing pieces for the fall/winter weather is leather leggings! Although I've been wearing leather leggings since last year, I've seen an increase in clothing with leather this year making it even more popular. I used to think wearing leather leggings would be hard to pull off and something that only looks good on celebrities but I was wrong! It can be stylish in everyday life as long as it's done correctly. Here are some of my tips...


When it comes to leather leggings, it can be easy to look cheap and tacky if the material isn't good. Now I'm not saying go out and buy authentic leather (because it's animal cruelty!) but it's better to spend a bit more than usual on these since cheap ones can rip easily and loosen up over time as you wear them. If you feel like splurging, BCBG and Bebe make some great leather leggings but I also spotted some amazing ones at Kohls from the Vera Wang collection. 


I tend to stick to matte material when it comes to leather leggings, I just personally think if the leggings are too shiny (what do I mean by too shiny? If it makes you look like you just dipped your legs in black paint!) then it looks tacky for the daytime. Night-time on the other hand? I'm sure a more shiny material could be pulled off but you just have to be careful on what you pair it with and etc.

What to Wear it With

Leather leggings are a statement piece so I tend to keep the rest of my outfit casual and simple so most of the attention is focused in on the leggings. I usually like to pair it the same way I would pair simple black leggings: with a shirt that's long enough to cover my butt. I know some people like to wear leggings as pants and while I think that's alright at defiantly don't want to do it with LEATHER leggings! It's going to look way too tight and revealing and frankly no one wants to see that in broad daylight! haha. Other then that, try to not pair it with anything else that's leather (such as a jacket) since it'll be too much leather all at once and yes I have seen a full leather outfit before! :P

Outfit Examples

Here are a few pics of celebs that have paired their leather leggings with some amazing pieces and if you're looking for more examples, defiantly check out Kim Kardashian's outfits. I know she's not the most classiest person in the world, but at times she does dress amazing and she's seen wearing leather leggings a lot! What I love most about these outfits is that you can tell how easily leather leggings can be taken from day to night!

What do you guys think of leather leggings? Is it classy or tacky? 

Until next time lovelies, 


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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Quick Getaway: Washington, DC

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates, I try to update 4 or 5 times a week but since college is starting back up soon I've been busy getting ready for it. As for the quick getaway, one of my other hobbies besides makeup and fashion is traveling! I defiantly have wanderlust and I think it's thrilling to visit new places and see with your own eyes what the world has to offer. My friend and I decided to go on a road trip to DC on Sunday and we were out on the road by Monday. We both didn't go on vacation or do anything too exciting this summer so we thought it would be a nice way to end the summer and do something adventurous before we both head back to school. Plus this trip gave me a chance to use my camera and look like an official tourist haha.

The road trip was about 6-7 hours long from where I live and I gotta say, I'm so tired of driving! It was defiantly worth it so I'm not complaining, DC has some beautiful historic sites and at least I can cross it off the places that I wanted to visit. We drove through Pennsylvania and Maryland to get there and there was some great scenic routes that we passed by, making the long trip a lot more interesting.

We visited all the typical tourist spots like the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol building, and the Washington monument and I gotta say although it was incredible to visit, the places were so crowded and parking was SO HARD TO FIND. I've been in a lot of tourist places before where traffic and parking is overwhelming, but this was the worst yet! I think the best part of the trip was visiting the White House, I was in complete awe because it's such an iconic place and even though you see it on tv all the time, it's different when you see it in person. I highly recommend everyone to go visit DC at least once in their lives! 

After sightseeing, we strolled through downtown DC (where people drive like maniacs and break every single road rule ever created!) and then later after some lunch at Shake Shack where the burgers were HEAVEN, we decided to go to Tyson's Corner mall for some much-needed shopping. What I love about DC is that it's right in between Virginia and Maryland so there are tons of places to visit after all the sight-seeing. Tyson's Corner is in Virgina and they have almost every store that you can think of and only 15 minutes away from DC so it's defiantly worth a look! Unfortunately, I didn't buy any makeup since we spent so much time trying on clothes and visiting different stores but I do have my eye on a few new things and will hopefully be reviewing them soon!

Overall, it was an amazing trip and made the summer a bit more memorable so my wanderlust cravings for now are satisfied. I think the worst part of every trip is knowing that it has to end soon and you have to go back to reality...oh well. Is anyone actually looking forward to going back to school? Haha.The only question I'm asking myself now is "Where should I go to next?"

Until next time lovelies, 


Friday, August 16, 2013

Fall Fashion Wishlist

As I'm writing this I'm pretty much in denial over the fact that summer just went by so quickly and fall is right around the corner. It seems as if this whole year went by in the blink of an eye! Anyways, as much as I would love to live in a place where it's summer all year long, I live in upstate New York where the falls and winters are quite cold and brutal. On a brighter note, luckily I love fall fashion (just fall, I hate winter!) and thought I'd show you some things that I'm looking forward to buying for the crisp, chilly weather that we'll be having soon enough. 

Leather Jacket

I have been on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket for a while now and although I haven't found it yet, I have been eyeing this one from Express which is a bit shorter than most leather jackets and can be paired easily with any outfit because it's black. Express these days, are my go-to shop for most of my outfits and I love the fact that they have good quality clothes yet still have many deals and coupons being sent out all the time. Also the Express Next program? I got a free shirt and sweater because of it!

Burgundy Sweater        
The color burgundy or maroon, always reminds me of fall and I fell in love with this sweater after seeing it in the Guess store a few days ago. I would probably pair this with some dark skinny jeans, a gold layered necklace and some leopard flats to give it a twist.

Wedge Booties

Steve Madden -

Coming from a line of many short women in my family, it's no surprise that I'm 5'1 yet what is surprising is that I hate wearing high heels for every day unless it's a special occasion. The only exception I'll make is these wedge booties that are super comfortable and go perfectly with skinny jeans. Last fall/winter, I lived in my leather riding boots and rain boots but I feel like this is a nice change since they're not so bulky and quite light-weight on the feet.

Grey Handbag

Prada Saffiano -
Since this is a wishlist, I thought I should add an item that I wouldn't be able to afford in real life which is this gorgeous Prada bag in an unexpected color: grey. I actually don't wear much grey in my day-to-day life yet I think this handbag could go with many outfits because it's still a neutral color. I'm pretty sure I could find something close to this in style and color, maybe in Michael Kors?

Black Leather Strap Watch

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch -

Some people have shoes or purse obsessions but with me it's always been watches! You can never have too many! When I passed by the watch section at Macy's, I spotted this Marc Jacobs watch and fell in love with how sleek it looked with the gold exterior. It looks even more beautiful in person and has a very dark, edgy look to it while still looking feminine.

This is my current wishlist...for now and hopefully I'll be able to get some of these items and blog about them soon. What are some of your favorites for the fall? Anything you're looking forward to buying?

Until next time lovelies,


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Weight Loss Journey (So Far!) + Tips

 Some of you may or may not know this but I've been trying to lose weight for the past couple of months and I'm excited to share my thoughts on the whole weight loss process! I never thought that I would actually last this long and continue to be so motivated towards my goal but I'm proud to say that I am! Honestly, after losing the first 10 pounds I can't imagine my life not going to the gym (weird right!?). It's become my therapy session when I'm going three to four times a week and I've enjoyed not putting pressure on myself and being able to eat and not diet and have everything in moderation. It takes dedication and I always have to rearrange my schedule in order to fit a work out in but it's worth it each and every time. I never walked out of a gym regretting a work out and I doubt you would too! Personally, the hardest part was starting out. I was just so used to eating junk food and feeling bad about myself whenever I looked in the mirror and I decided it was time to change once and for all. My philosophy is that if I could survive a couple years of self-hatred then I could survive a couple intense workouts. 

Left is before and the right is after losing 10 pounds!

I was always chubby growing up (I was born 9 pounds, that just says it all) and experienced more than a few moments where I was ridiculed for it and felt feelings of worthlessness. All I could remember from my childhood is feeling like an ugly duckling up until the point where I started my obsession with makeup and fashion and felt a bit more confident in myself over time. I wasn't overweight, my BMI was normal but I knew that if I kept eating the way I was I would have problems with my health soon. Before working out I remember my pants always being too tight, my belly was always sticking out, I had a double chin and ran out of breath when I walked up the stairs...NOT GOOD. I just always felt unhealthy and was sick of feeling bad about myself, believe me life isn't worth it if you spend the whole time hating yourself and criticizing your body. I finally decided to start going to the gym with my friend and we've been motivating each other through our weight loss journeys ever since. 

When first starting out, I didn't even own a pair of sneakers! I bought a stylish pair of Nikes and knew that because of the expensive price I would be more likely to go to the gym because I usually don't wear sneakers in my day-to-day life. I also decided to buy some new workout clothes and never knew how much I liked to dress up for the gym and look stylish while I'm breaking a sweat. Working out doesn't have to be completely boring!

I still remember the first time I went and how sore I was when I came back home after an hour and a half (which is my usual workout time). I typically work out around 6-7pm and go straight to sleep after I've taken a shower. There's no better feeling than coming home and taking a hot shower to soothe those sore muscles, trust me on this one! Another benefit is having a good night's sleep after a good workout. On top of working out on a regular basis, I took a basic consumer nutrition class in college in order to eat the proper, healthy way and to develop new habits which wasn't easy! It took me a while to break my old habits and to even start drinking more water every day which I used to never do! Other then that, some days I do mess up and eat unhealthy but I know that's it not the end of the world, I just keep eating healthy the next day or even better, the next meal. 

Aside from healthy eating and the gym, I'm addicted to following fitness groups on Instagram and reading about real-life success stories from people around my age. I also love reading the motivational quotes and tips they post every day and I try to avoid following groups that post too many pictures of thin people. After a while, I feel that people get so used to looking at those pictures and feeling bad about themselves and wanting to give up. If it motivates you to work harder then I guess it's alright but it should be in moderation. I don't want to look thin, I want to be healthy and if you look at pictures of thin people and healthy people, there's a BIG difference. It's all about the mentality. If you think of everything in a negative way such as "dieting" instead of healthy eating then you're going to associate losing weight with being annoying and hard work. Yeah, it is hard work but that doesn't mean you have to be miserable! It's just a process to living a healthier lifestyle. As the lovely Jennifer Lawrence has said "I don't diet. I exercise". Like I said, it's a big difference and once you stop putting pressure on yourself to look thin then losing weight will become easier for you. 

Also, another important thing I did was to stop looking at the scale and instead focusing on how my clothes were fitting. I only weigh myself once every 2 weeks and know some people who obsess over their weight and weigh themselves every day! I see no point to that when your weight changes every day from 1 to 2 pounds due to water weight. Focus on the way your jeans fit, if you lost another belt size, or in my case, if your face looks slimmer.

There's just something so beautiful about working hard and being determined to reach your goal and actually liking your body. I'm not saying you won't mess up cause you will, maybe even a few times. But it's the fact that you kept going after each time that you messed is what really counts. Remember: one bad meal won't make you gain weight but one workout won't make you lose weight either. Being healthy isn't a complicated process, all you do is drink more water, eat "clean" (more healthy foods and less junk!), a work out consisting of a mix of cardio and weights, and having rest days. You also don't need to deprive yourself of your favorite foods, if you're craving something then have it but keep it in moderation and don't over indulge.

Overall, losing weight isn't just about looking good: it's about learning to love yourself and accepting the things you can change and the things you can't. It's strange to say that I actually LIKE the way I look and am learning to slowly love myself after years of hating myself. I also love telling people that I work out! haha. If I can make time in between work and school then so can you! And to all the people already on their own weight loss journeys, don't give up you're worth so much more then that! Progress is progress, no matter how small.

My progress so far is that I've lost 10 pounds, lost 2 belt sizes, my thighs look slimmer, I'm no longer self conscious about wearing shorts and swimsuits, and my arms look more toned so I've been wearing more tank tops! I'm someone who's always self conscious and paranoid about what others think of me but working out is making me challenge all those negative thoughts :) 

Until next time lovelies, 


How To Stop Buying Clothes You Never Wear

This is probably one of the biggest problems that I have when it comes to shopping for new clothes. I always seem to buy that one article of clothing that I say I have to have yet never actually end up wearing. I'm sure we all have that one crazy purchase of shoes or shirt that we fall in love with immediately yet regret it a few months later and ask ourselves "why did I even buy this?!" and hide it in the back of our closet in order to forget about it. In order to avoid that and to save some money on ridiculous purchases, here are some of my tips to avoiding this problem: 

Avoiding Trends

Fall is right around the corner which means new trends are awaiting for everyone to try out which also means more meaningless purchases of clothes you'll probably never wear. The key to avoiding trends is to remind yourself that not all trends last and not all of them look good on everyone. Now of course this doesn't mean avoiding all trends altogether, go ahead and try them out! Just know that what's in right now, probably won't be in the future so make some wise decisions and ask yourself if you would really wear them later on!

Wearing It The Day After You Bought It

It's one thing to try on something in a dressing room with horrible lighting or inside the comfort of your home, but it's another thing to actually wear it out for a day. After I buy something that I'm unsure about, I like to wear it the next day as a "test run" to see if I'm actually comfortable in it and if I feel and look good. Most people tend to make impulse buys when they don't try on clothing in stores or if they simply just try it on to see if it "fits".

Realistic Lifestyle vs. Imaginary Lifestyle

Admit it, we've all bought that one dress or pair of shoes that we thought we would wear to a special occasion or imagined ourselves wearing on vacation yet never actually have. Everyone at least once in their lives have bought something that contributes to their "imaginary lifestyle", for example I'm obsessed with red carpet dresses and purchased an expensive floor-length dress that I was obsessing over yet only wore once in the past 5 years! Was it worth it? I'm not too sure about that but at the time that I was buying it, I was so caught up in my daydreams that I totally forgot that I don't actually wear these kinds of dresses often in my real life.

Buying Clothes When You're Emotional

People don't seem to talk about this one enough since everyone assumes (or at least the movies and the media portrays it this way) that when you're mad or feeling depressed you should go shopping in order to feel better. Well here's the truth: you tend to buy a lot of meaningless things that you think will make you feel better when it actually doesn't. At the end, you're stuck with a bunch of clothes that you bought at certain emotional moments that you regret and feel even more aggravated because you spent your hard-earned money on this worthless stuff. 

Buying The Same Clothes Over and Over Again

Are you one of those people who tend to buy extras of their favorite clothes but never actually end up wearing them since you're still wearing the original? Well believe it or not, when you spend money on a good quality piece of clothing, it tends to last for a while. I personally never buy extras of the same thing because I feel like I would get bored out of it after a while or my style would change after a couple years. Aside from buying extras, some people tend to buy clothes that they already own in their closet. That striped shirt that you bought at Forever 21? Don't you have 4 more of those in other colors hanging in your closet? Fashionistas these days...*sighs*

"But It's On Sale!"

I've used this excuse a million times before to justify buying things that I probably wouldn't buy if they were regular price. I love a good sale now and then but I always feel like people fall victim to buying new clothes just because they're on sale and not because they'll actually wear them. Follow sales on things that you'll actually like and not because it gives you a reason to buy something cheap that's normally ridiculously expensive that you'll actually never wear.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and hopefully some of you actually learned something new from it. Do you have any tips on how to avoid buying clothes you never wear? 

Until next time lovelies, 


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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Face of the Day + ELF Matte Lip Color in Natural

Apologies in advance for the horrible photos today, it seems like no matter where I take photos in my house, the lighting is always off! As for today's face of the day, I had some extra time to get ready before work so I decided to actually put a little more effort in my eye makeup and rediscovered one of my favorite Elf products. I haven't bought new makeup in a while so I've been trying to use my old favorites and luckily found this Elf retractable lipstick and fell in love with the color all over again. Here are some details on the makeup and read on for more about the Elf lipstick.

-Lush Eau De Roma Toner
-Bobbi Brown Corrector 
-Mac Pro Long Wear Foundation
-Too Faced Glamour To Go II Blush (not sure of the name!)

-Anastasia Brows in Bloom Palette

-Elf Primer 
-Naked 2 palette, Verve all over the eye, Snakebite on outer corner, Busted used as liner on bottom lid, Foxy used as highlighter on inner corners and brow bone
-Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Black
-Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

-Elf Matte Lip Color in Natural

I normally use my Elf primer every day and have a few brushes from them that I consider to be essentials but other then that I stopped buying Elf products because I found the line to get boring. Don't get me wrong, I love the cheap prices but many of their products lacked good quality and pigmentation so I opted out of it for a while. I actually forgot that I still had this in my collection and I used it today in place of a typical beige nude because I feel that this is closer to my lip color and gives me the nude lip look without making me look pale and ghostly. Although I consider it to be a a more pinky-nude it does go with practically any makeup look so it is quite a color that can be taken from day to night. It does settle into fine lines on the lips so I do recommend some chapstick before applying but other then that for the price it's a good deal! It's also retractable and has a slanted tip so you can apply it easier and is one of the better products from Elf.

What do you guys think of Elf makeup? Does the cheap prices make up for some of their bad quality products? 

Until next time lovelies, 


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dressing For Your Body Type: Apple-Shaped

Hey guys! So here's a part two to my body shapes post and this time I'm going to be talking about how to dress for an apple-shaped body. What is apple-shaped exactly? It means that you have broad shoulders that are wider than your hips and you're "top heavy" meaning that you have a fuller bust and you tend to gain weight around your waistline.This basically would be the complete opposite of a pear-shaped body since pear-shapes seem to gain weight around their hips and thighs. Here I'll be showing you how to enhance your figure and dress for an apple-shaped body...

Show Off Your Legs

I'm always envious of apple-shaped women because they're able to wear things like high-waisted shorts without looking frumpy like some pear-shaped girls do. Show off your best features such as your legs with pencil skirts, shorts with back pockets, and short dresses that will downplay your upper body while still showing a bit of skin. Also voluminous skirts that have ruffles on them will look great since it'll be adding extra weight to your bottom half of the body in order to balance out your proportions. 


Since you have a great bust don't be afraid to show it off! Just make sure that you're not showing off too much leg and cleavage at the same time since we wanna keep things classy here ;) Some high-waisted jeans with a v-neck shirt should do the trick by accenting your neck and drawing the eyes upwards so people tend to avoid your trouble areas such as your waistline. Plus v-necks come in so many different styles of shirts and dresses so feel free to experiment with this!

Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses are your best friend when it comes to having an apple-shaped body because they're so easy to find and instantly make you look chic! I love the way Tyra chose a bright blue belt with her dress that sits right at the waist and creates the illusion of wider hips. The trick is to avoid dresses with empire waist lines since they tend to make you look frumpy and accentuate your bust. Also notice how Tyra's neckline is cut diagonally, focusing on the upper body and avoiding the trouble areas while still covering her cleavage and looking professional. It's the perfect dress for the office or for a day time event!

Avoiding Low-Waisted Pants

Does the words "muffin top" ring any bells? Well when you have a wider waistline and wear low-waisted jeans on top of it, it creates the dreaded muffin top that no one seems to like. As I mentioned earlier, high-waisted bottoms are the way to go but if you prefer to stick to low-waisted bottoms then try to wear loose tops to cover the muffin top. Other jean options would be bootcuts or straight-leg jeans instead of skinny jeans which I heard can make you look like an upside down triangle (yikes!). Although Ciara isn't a true apple-shape, I chose this specific picture because she wore a v-neck shirt that I was talking about earlier and paired it with high-waisted jeans and made it look good!

Wearing Thick-Straps

I actually didn't know about this tip until my friend (who has an apple-shaped body) told me about it! She said that thin straps are never flattering on someone who has broad shoulders and a bigger bust because some people look slutty! After doing some research, I noticed that thicker-straps were more flattering on broad shoulders and made them appear more smaller, especially if you're self-conscious about your arms. Personally I loved the way that Miranda Kerr's Herve Leger dress hugged her curves while still having thick straps that covered some of her shoulder as well. If there's one great dress to invest in, it's a Herve Leger dress that instantly makes you look like a million bucks.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you like to see more posts on dressing for your body shape then let me know!

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Current Obsession: Caroline Forbes' Style From TVD

It's a new month meaning a new current obsession! Although summer's not over yet, I always feel like it's never too early to be talking about fall fashion. I've been looking for inspiration and thought back to my favorite character from The Vampire Diaries, Caroline Forbes who has been wearing some amazing outfits in the past seasons. What I love about her style is that the average girl can simply walk into a mall and find something similar to what she wore easily, similar to Lydia Martin's style on Teen Wolf that I made a post about. Caroline proves that even though she lives in a small-town that doesn't mean that she can't dress stylish.

Caroline's style would be described as girl next door, very girly and always seems to sporting a leather or denim jacket either paired with a skirt or a floral dress and riding boots. Although her style would seem very small-town girl, in season 3 she began wearing more darker colored clothes (probably to represent her transition into being a vampire) and pairing her outfits with more sophisticated pieces such as blazers. Most of her outfits are from Guess, Topshop, Anthropologie, and American Eagle. Here are some of my favorites:


Rebekah's also another character that I like from the show and her style is quite impeccable as well but I seem to like Caroline more! Rebekah wears more simple clothes so I didn't think I should make a post on it, plus there's not a lot of good pictures of her clothes but she does dress similar to Caroline at times. Here's a photo of me with the exact jacket that Rebekah has on :) Numerous times this past season I've seen Caroline and Rebekah both wear a cream colored tank top paired with a blazer or jacket and I always wondered if they did that on purpose or not.

If you'd like to find out more about Caroline's outfits or any other character from The Vampire Diaries then check out which is where I usually go to. I'm sure there are tons of style blogs on Tumblr for their outfits but I can always count on Coolspotters for their exact clothes. 

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(all images found at Tumblr and

Friday, August 2, 2013

Face of the Day + Sephora 12 Hr Liquid Eyeliner

It's rare to see me without eyeshadow on but today I was feeling lazy and decided to just stick to eyeliner instead. Now does eyeliner have to be boring and simple? No way! I winged it out and gave my eyes a more retro feel along with lining the bottom lids with black eyeshadow. Since the eye look seemed a bit too simple for my taste, I decided to add some mint green liner on the inner corners of my bottom lid and blended the black shadow with it. 

Although some people would shy away from mint green liner, it's actually one of my favorite colors and it makes the whites of your eyes pop and goes great with a simple outfit. I kept the rest of the look simple with some bronzer and a gloss that's close to my natural lip color. I noticed in photos that my Dior bronzer is coming off as a little too orange since I'm so pale now and I decided to go on the hunt for a new bronzer. Let me know if you have any recommendations! Believe it or not before this summer, I only wore bronzer once in a while since I thought it didn't look that great on me but now I'm addicted. I have naturally round cheeks so dusting some bronzer on my non-existent cheekbones gives me a healthy glow and gives off a slimmer appearance.

-Mac Pro Longwear Foundation 
-Bobbi Brown Corrector
-Dior Bronzer in Honey Tan 01

-Anastasia Brows in Bloom palette

-Sephora 12 Hour liner in Black
-Naked 2 Blackout on bottom lid, Foxy on brow bone and inner corners.
-Nars Parrot Cay Eyeliner on bottom lid
-Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara

-Nars Lip Gloss in Belize 

As for the eyeliner, it's from the Sephora brand and one of my favorites for liquid liner since the brush is so thin and glides across the lid so easily. It dries off matte in seconds and doesn't budge for the rest of the day. I'm not sure if I've ever worn this for 12 hours straight but I have worn it for 8-9 hours for work and it never fails! It's around $12 at Sephora which is a bit pricier than drugstore but it's high quality makes up for it. 

Other then that, I had a hard time taking pictures since its so cloudy outside and the lighting in my house is terrible. Bear with me as I get used to working with this new camera!

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Organix Smooth Perfection Blow Out Cream

I know, I know, I've been posting a lot about the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil line but I promise that this will be the last product from them that I'll be reviewing for a while! I just couldn't help but buy this cream after having so much success with Organix and also because I needed a better product for heat protection. This product is created to use before a blow-out and is aimed at penetrating the hair shaft to restore shine and creating smoother looking hair. Another bonus is that it protects hair from heat damage while eliminating frizz and flyaways. Sounds good enough for me! But did it pass the test?

Absolutely. I'm amazed at how well this whole Moroccan Argan oil line works while still managing to sell for a cheap price! I bought this at Ulta for $8.99 and it made my hair look like I just stepped out of the salon! I used about a dime-sized amount and rubbed it between my hands before applying and began blow-drying with a boar-bristle brush. I noticed instantly that it was easier to blow-dry my hair than usual and my hair wasn't frizzing up as much when blow-drying each strand. It smoothed my hair without making it look greasy or sticky and my hair actually looks healthy despite using heat on my hair frequently. My hair also felt light weight and I think it has to do with the fact that I didn't use a bunch of products on it beforehand since this product has multiple uses, which is great for people who don't want to spend a lot on a bunch of products.

(I did curl the ends of my hair so it's not completely straight but you can tell how much smoother it is!)
A problem that I usually have with straightening my hair is that the ends look damaged but with this product that problem disappeared! My ends appeared nourished and soft and gave an overall "virgin hair" look. It's defiantly become my new favorite and I even love how I could use it after my hair is dry to smooth any leftover frizz or flyaways. As for the smell, it has the same tropical scent that all their other Moroccan Argan oil products have but it does fade away over time in case you hate the scent. For only $8-$9 you can't really beat the price of a product that works just as good as something you would find at a salon!

What do you guys think of the Moroccan Argan oil line? What other hair products would you like to see a review of? Let me know!

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P.S. This was my first time using my new camera so I hope the pictures turned out somewhat decent!  
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