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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Camera! ~ Canon 600D

Here's a quick update that'll make everyone a little happier (or at least my frequent blog readers lol)...I'm no longer going to be posting pictures taken by my iPhone since today I finally got my new camera! I used to have a digital camera but after dropping it on vacation last summer, I've been saving up for a new dslr camera. This is the Canon T3i 600D and it takes amazing high quality pictures which will be great for up close shots of products that I'll be reviewing along with my face of the day shots which will be dramatically improved. I was also thinking of posting outfits of the day but what do you guys think?

Now I'm no stranger when it comes to photography, I grew up in a household where my Dad was a freelance photographer and my grandfather worked for Kodak for 40 years before he retired. Surprisingly though, I never got into taking good pictures and always admired photos from afar wondering if I could take pictures like that. Buying this camera is kinda of like a dream come true for me so I'm excited to finally be able to use it and share this moment with you all.

If anyone has any questions about the camera please feel free to ask! I'm no expert, but I have been browsing cameras for a while now so I'd love to answer any questions or hear some opinions on it!

Until next time lovelies, 


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