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Monday, July 29, 2013

Kardashian Self-Tanning Lotion

The weather this summer has been horrible and it's hard to get a tan when there's only one day of sunshine a week so I visited my local Ulta store to look for a new self-tanner. I usually only use self-tanners for special occasions but lately I've been looking so pale that I thought I could use a bit of color. I gave away my old self-tanner which was Loreal's Sublime Bronze Lotion which I did like but couldn't stand the amount of glitter in the lotion. On a whim, I decided to take a chance with the Kardashian self-tanner which is a gradual tanning lotion that you can build over time and is packed with vitamins A and E and claims that its also a firming lotion. It retails for around $20 at Ulta but I had a $3.50 off coupon so I did get it a bit cheaper. The tanner actually is part of a 3 step system which includes the primer as the first step and a color extender as the last step. It also comes in a spray version for people who don't like to fuss with the lotion. I decided to not buy the other products in the system because I've used tanning lotions before and never had to use primers or extenders to get a good color, they're totally optional.

The first thing that I liked about this was that it had no glitter and even though its a light, caramel color in the tube, it actually goes on clear once you start applying it. It is a gel-based lotion so it soaks into your skin much quicker and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all. Although it does have that artificial tanning smell, it's covered up by a tropical, perfumed scent that's actually bearable so I give them two thumbs up. Another bonus is that I didn't wear gloves while applying this and immediately washed my hands and the color didn't stain my hands or my nails!

So how did it actually look on my skin? It gave me a natural tan in about two hours and there was no patches or streaks anywhere. It said on the bottle that it would take about four hours for the color to develop but it was much quicker on me, for some reason. I was quite impressed and glad that I didn't spend more money on an expensive tanning lotion like St. Tropez, which I was considering to get! I really wasn't expecting a good self-tanner from a celebrity line but its actually quite amazing! I applied it again, once a day and in 3 days I was quite dark. Obviously the color fades away when you shower every day and use scrubs on your face and etc, but I found this one to be quite long-lasting as well and didn't feel the need to reapply after the first three days. Lastly, unlike the Loreal Sublime this one fades away evenly instead of patchy so you don't have to worry about trying to get rid of uneven, brown spots. Overall, people kept asking if I went on vacation and I think that's what the ultimate goal is when using self-tanners! Having a fake tan that's natural enough to have people think you've been chilling at the beach all day ;)  

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