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Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Cause When I Shop The World Gets Better"

Here's an interesting article that I read today that someone had posted on, talking about why some people (aka me!) shop for expensive things not because of the item but because of the experience of shopping altogether. It was one of the most truest things I've ever read and it hit close to home. Now I do have a bit more control over my shopaholic tendencies then most fashionistas out there, but I have realized after reading this article that I do get some sort of "high" from shopping. I love taking trips to Sephora, looking through the whole store, trying out new lipsticks and coming home with a striped bag filled with goodies, but until now I never thought about how much I enjoyed the experience...

Here's my case: I slave away at my part-time job and save up money for weeks to buy something that I convince myself that I need (typically clothes and makeup) and usually plan a shopping trip with my friends in order to buy all these things. We plan the day and I wait anxiously, making a list of things that I'm going to buy that day and finally the big day comes. I'm in a fancy store all excited and finally purchase what I've been wanting and flaunt my shopping bag all around the mall. I come home and use the product and slowly the feeling of happiness begins to fade away each time I use/wear it. Sounds familiar right? So again and again we try to recreate that feeling. The only thing different is the reason behind why we're doing it. We just might be materialistic because we want that moment of happiness when we're experiencing the feeling of shopping. Not because we just bought that new pair of shoes (Well okay at times, yeah!). Personally, it's the anticipation I get when I know I've worked hard and can treat myself, that makes me love shopping. I used to remember having these strange feelings while I'm shopping and thinking to myself that I'm searching for something specific but I don't know what...I keep buying and buying and I don't know what I'm looking for. Strange isn't it? I keep buying new things yet feeling empty after I have these new things.

The point of the story is that "the experience of shopping and buying" makes us happy. Not the items. For me, this changes up the game entirely and made me realize a little bit more about myself. I'm not just a shopaholic, it's not that simple. Maybe that's why so many people especially women and young girls around my age are addicted to shopping. We don't need another new pair of shoes, but another moment where we can feel the happiness of buying them over and over again.

Until next time lovelies, 


P.S. the title of this post was quoted from Confessions of a Shopaholic, love that movie!


  1. The article certainly got me thinking!

    1. it was defiantly interesting! it's a different approach to such a common problem...


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