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Dress // Shoes // Lips // Bag 

I've always been a believer that the perfect dress can work wonders for a women. A week before my Vegas trip, I popped into Nordstrom and randomly found this dress which is perfect if you need something that shows off curves but is classy at the same time! Even though everyone thinks it's a red dress, it's actually this gorgeous shade of fuchsia and has a ruffle asymmetrical hem which looks flattering as you walk. I highly recommend it if you're going to any weddings or other special occasions and need something that's going to get you tons of compliments. Did I mention it also comes in black? 

Also can we talk about this gorgeous background? We shot this in the Bellagio gardens before going to dinner at Lago (one of my favorite restaurants with an incredible view of the Bellagio fountains!) and loved the way the light was hitting through the windows. I'll admit, taking blogging photos while on vacation is so stressful because you're constantly surrounded by tourists in the back of your photos  haha. Normally I shoot in 10-15 mins because I'm so used to doing it after 5 years and have my poses down but shoots on vacation can take forever since you're constantly waiting for people to move and don't want to be rude lol. Oh and did I mention people were staring at me and waiting for me to move so they can get a picture too? Blogging life is tough haha. Somehow it all worked out and we managed to get a good couple of shots! Bloggers, what are your best tips for shooting while on vacation? Do you get up early just to not have people in the background? I'd love to know!

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Dress // Shoes // Bag // Earrings 

Hi ladies! I'm back from my Vegas trip and had a blast! I was there for 4 days but it felt like it was so much longer since we did so much in such a short period of time. This was my 5th time visiting the city (I've been going there since I was little since my dad lives there!) but my first time as a legal adult so of course I had to go all out lol. Honestly, I never wanted to leave! haha. Before you think I'm the partying type, I'm totally not and that's actually what I love about Vegas: no matter what your interests are, there's always something exciting to do. In my case, I spent way too much money on fancy restaurants, Instagram-worthy bars, and of course shopping! I'm actually putting together a Vegas travel guide that will be up this week so stay tuned. 

Believe it or not, the last time that I was in Vegas, Instagram didn't even exist and I wasn't a fashion blogger yet so one of the things that I was looking forward to was capturing some great shots at my favorite hotels! This shoot was taken on the balcony of the Venetian and it was a miracle that not too many people were around us while shooting. Taking good blog photos can be so stressful while traveling to popular places like Vegas because there's tourists walking all around and who really wants to get up early in the morning to take blog pics when you're on vacation? Not this girl. Somehow, we made it work! 

I pretty much lived in dresses while I was there and I got so many compliments on this gorgeous white one with the cut-out back. I'm usually not one for showing skin but hey it's Vegas (and also a hundred degrees outside) so I thought it was necessary. Also check out these teal earrings (sadly not listed online yet but the dark blue version is up!). They're pretty much bigger than my entire ear and so dramatic especially for the daytime but that's what I love about this city: being able to wear whatever you want without any judgement lol. 

Have you been to Vegas before? What did you think about the city? I feel like people either love it or hate it lol. Let me know below!

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Life after college is so much more tougher than it looks in the movies! One of the biggest risks I took after college was to move from my hometown of Rochester, NY to Dallas...without even securing a job first! I assumed that the job hunting process would be easy (let's all laugh together on how naive I was lol) so I was a bit surprised when it took me a few months to find the right job that fits for me and that I genuinely love. Sure, there's tons of jobs out there (especially when you live in one of the fastest growing cities in America!) but I didn't just want to find just any old job. I wanted to find my passion and that's where Monster comes in. After countless hours spent applying for jobs online, I finally found my dream career as a social media specialist on Monster! The entire application process was simple and there's so many great resources on their site which comes in handy when you're a college graduate who's suddenly afraid of post-grad life.

Here are some great ways to make the job hunting process easy and come one step closer to finding your dream career:

Resume Reviews

A good resume is key to landing the perfect job and luckily Monster offers free resume reviews from career experts! It's always nice to have another person look at your resume and the submission is so effortless and quick. All I did was submit my resume through the website and the next day I got an email saying that my review was done! There was tons of helpful feedback such as making my past job descriptions shorter and more specific and even making the font bolder so it stands out more. Plus there was detailed feedback on a typical recruiter's first impression of my resume. In my opinion, this is one of the most useful tools on their website and I highly recommend it - even if you think your resume doesn't need any improvement.

Career Advice

The job hunting process can be so overwhelming so I love the fact that Monster provides so much helpful information from experts such as how to write a cover letter, what to wear to an interview, and even how to negotiate your salary and understand employee benefits. There's also resources that come in useful after you get the job such as getting along with bosses and coworkers, everything about work-life balance, and even the proper way to quit a job! These are all things that college doesn't really teach you so it's nice to know that there's a place to go so you can know these things beforehand.

Jobs, Jobs, & More Jobs 

In my opinion, Monster has the largest variety of jobs avaliable and the search process is so easy. For example, if you're looking for a job in the social media industry, the search engine will automatically include careers that are related to social media such as PR or marketing. This way, you're not missing out on anything and might find come across a job that sounds more interesting than what you had originally been searching for.

Career Horoscope

Okay, so this is a cool bonus: career horoscopes! I'm a sucker for anything zodiac and I always check my horoscope every morning so this is right up my alley. Plus it just makes the time that you'll be spending searching for the right job so much more fun!

What do you think about Monster? Have you tried it before? Let me know below!

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