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Skirt // Shoes // Bag // Sunglasses // Lips 

I know, I know. Where have I been? It's been a crazy 2 months at work and I've been focusing so much of my time and energy on my social media job over there. By the time I get home, I'm just exhausted and drained from social media and don't ever want to go back on it for the rest of the night! haha. I've been struggling with balance but slowly I'm learning that it's okay to step back and take a break so you can come back better than ever. 

I shot this look last week in Dallas when the weather was in the 90s and this week it feels like fall with the weather being rainy and in the 50s. It feels good to be able to wear my favorite sweaters and coats again but I'm freezing! I forgot what it was like to experience cold weather. As for this look, I usually never wear patterns but I couldn't help but fall in love with this floral skirt with ruffles that are strategically placed and look so flattering and slimming. 

Also, I can't believe it's officially been a YEAR since I moved to Dallas. I wanted to shoot at this gorgeous wall right behind Flea Style in Deep Ellum for this shoot because it relates so well to my experience in Dallas. Good things really do happen here. A year ago, I was wondering what my life would be like once I moved out of Rochester for good and I'm so glad I took the risk because it payed off! I'll admit, it took a while for my life to come together but it's all a part of the process and I couldn't be more grateful. I highly recommend everyone to move out of their hometown and to move someplace new because the amount of knowledge and life experience you gain is incredible! Even if it doesn't work out, at least you can say that you did it and never went through your life saying "what if?". 

Thanks for reading and sticking with me with this little blog of myn, over the years. I'm so grateful for each and every one of you! 

After a crazy couple of weeks at work and a company event that's finally over, it's nice to work on the blog again! I'm slowly easing myself back to my blog routine and I thought this post would be the perfect way since it's talking about one of my favorite subjects: fall! It feels like overnight, everyone has become obsessed with fall again and I can't blame them. All I've been drinking lately is pumpkin spice lattes and wishing the weather in Dallas was cool enough for scarves and flannel haha. I thought this guide would be helpful for anyone that's living in a warm climate but still wants to embrace all things fall. Check it out:

1. Purple Turtleneck Dress
2. Cut-out Bow Bodysuit
3. Leopard Calf Hair Clutch
4. Vegan Leather Skirt
5. Grey Ruffle Ankle Boots
6. Black Floral Fedora
7. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in "Bond Girl"
8. Givenchy Cooling Jelly Highlighter 

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Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day! Here's one of my favorite shoots from the beginning of the summer, which I've been forgetting to post. I love a casual tee and skirt combo and this skirt is so flattering with the asymmetrical stripes. I've worn this outfit so much this summer and I'm surprised I haven't gotten sick of it yet haha. What was your go-to look for the summer? 

Now that Labor Day is here which marks the "official" end of summer, I've been feeling more inspired especially when it comes to fashion and can't wait to shoot some new "fall" looks (the weather won't cool down for a while in Dallas so summer clothes but in fall colors LOL). Although I'm not sure if I'm ready to retire my straw bag that I've been wearing in almost every outfit post this summer haha. I know some people that live in warm climate cities and wear their straw bags all year long but I feel like it's a summer-only thing. What do you think? 

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