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When it comes to travel, I always preferred fast-paced cities that are chaotic and allow me to pack tons of activities into a short period of time and believe it or not, have never taken a beach vacation before. Yet a few weeks ago, I decided to take a spontaneous trip and was in the mood for somewhere relaxing, warm, and right near the water. As I looked through my travel board on Pinterest (shameless self promotion but hey that's how it actually happened!), I came across a photo of the Colony that I pinned a while back and thought it was the perfect time to cross it off my bucket list. After spending a few days in Palm Beach, I can honestly say I didn't expect it to become one of my favorites cities but it did! The beautiful sites, the beach, and the glamorous people (fun fact: there's 25 billionaires living there!) made me fall in love with the place and I can't wait to go back. In case you feel like visiting soon, here's a guide to some of my favorite places: 

W H E R E  T O  S T A Y 

There's so many beautiful hotels in Palm Beach and while they don't come cheap, in my opinion the experience is worth every penny! I crossed off a stay at the gorgeous Colony hotel which is perfect if you love anything vintage and feminine. The entire hotel is filled with tons of pink, palm tree prints, and is perfect for Instagram photos. I'll be posting a review of the hotel soon so make sure to stay tuned! Other places that I recommend are The Breakers, The Brazilian Court Hotel, and Tideline Ocean Resort. If you're looking for something more budget-friendly, check out hotels in West Palm Beach and just take an Uber or rent a car and drive to Palm Beach (which is across a quick bridge) for a day. 

W H A T  T O  D O 

One of the things that I love about staying at The Colony was the quick walk over to Worth Avenue. Think of it as the Beverly Hills of Florida! Tons of luxury shops with a mix of local boutiques and restaurants and is perfect for people watching. Make sure to check out the "vias" which are these cute side streets that are perfect for photos (tons of sculptures, fountains, and clearly inspired by Italy!) which you can see below. 

Next, check out the Flagler Museum or the Society of Four Arts which are two beautiful museums that are perfect for a day of art and culture or if you just want to take some photos. If you feel like being outdoors, rent a bike (if you're staying in one of the hotels in Palm Beach then most likely they can provide you a free one!) and head over to Lake Trail and ride by the beautiful mansions of the rich and famous of Palm Beach. 

Lastly, make sure to check out...THE BEACH. Normally, I don't go on beach vacations and prefer big cities but I underestimated how much I needed a getaway near the beach. The cure for everything is salt water and sand! I went twice and highly recommend heading over to the beach during sunrise. It's so calm and quiet and the photos are worth it! 

W H E R E  T O  E A T

If you're looking for the perfect Palm Beach experience, then I highly recommend checking out Sant Ambroeus for lunch or dinner (or if you're in the mood for gelato!) which is located in the lovely Royal Poinciana Plaza or Polo at The Colony which has the best avocado toast and omelets. For something more casual (and budget-friendly!), check out Surfside Diner which I went to twice in one day because it was so good! If you're on Worth Avenue, check out Pizza Al Fresco which is where I tried calamari pizza for the first time and fell in love or Costa for some mediterranean food. More dinner options include Buccan which I didn't have time to visit but everyone told me was a great place.

W H E R E  T O  S H O P  

Some of my favorites on Worth Avenue are Intermix, AERIN, Island Company, Roller Rabbit, and Pretty Ballerinas. Also a trip to Palm Beach isn't complete without going to Lilly Pulitzer at The Breakers! If you're over at South Country Road, make sure to check out Rapunzel's Closet for cute beach clothes and souvenirs as well as The Church Mouse which is a thrift shop that sells vintage designer clothes for affordable prices. Lastly, if you're at the Royal Poinciana Plaza, there's a small selection of shops that are there such as Theory and Saint Laurent which is worth a look. 

Hope you enjoyed the guide! Are you heading anywhere warm soon? Let me know below!

Inspiration is a tricky thing. You'll go through periods where you're creating incredible content and producing it at a rapid speed and getting good results from it. Then all of a sudden it'll feel like you're pulling teeth just to write one good blog post or post a picture for Instagram. I've been struggling with the latter for a few months now and thought to myself "am I just sick of blogging? Am I not meant to do this anymore?". It resulted in feeling depressed about the whole thing and neglecting my blog and waiting until the "right moment" would come where that I would feel inspired again. I found out that there is no such thing as the right moment and that it's important to get back to blogging and fighting through the rut you're in and eventually inspiration will come right back. Here are some of the best ways that I've found to feel inspired to blog again:

R E F L E C T  +  R E M E M B E R  Y O U R  P U R P O S E 

While I don't recommend abandoning your blog and leaving for weeks or even months (you're going to lose a large part of your audience!), I do recommend taking some time off for a few days (or even just taking the weekends off) in order to sit and reflect on why you're not feeling inspired. Ask yourself questions such as "what is my purpose?" and "why did I start this blog?" and think about what kinds of changes your blog needs. For some people, simply having a new website design can help them to feel inspired again while others need to expand and add new sections such as a travel or lifestyle section to their blog. Personally for me, I have a private Pinterest board filled with inspiring images or quotes that can help "trigger" new blog post ideas for the future that I always go back to whenever I'm in a rut. Lastly, I recommend going back to your old posts and seeing which ones had the most views or you felt you did your best work and try to think about the kind of mindset you were in at the time. 


K E E P  G O I N G  ( E V E N  I F  I T ' S  B A D )

There have been tons of times where I posted a blog post thinking that it's not my best yet my audience having a good reaction to it and even turning out to be one of my most read blog posts! Sometimes your audience can surprise you and you don't know them 100%, so I would recommend to just keep going and pushing through this phase if you really want to stick to blogging. Eventually you'll be inspired again and get it all together but in the meantime don't give up and abandon all of your hard work! 


A S K  Y O U R  A U D I E N C E  W H A T  T H E Y ' R E  I N T E R E S T E D  I N 

If it's come to a point where you can't produce any more content then why not ask your audience what they're looking for? Bloggers seem to shy away from this because they might see it as a sign of weakness but your audience supports you and is there for you (think about it: why would they be reading your content after all this time? lol) so there's nothing wrong with actually asking them through a survey (remember people always take surveys when there's a gift card involved! haha) or even through the poll feature on Instagram Stories which is my personal favorite and it's super easy and quick. Make sure to take notes and ask in the end if there's any way that you can improve or what they wish you would change. 


C O N N E C T  W I T H  O T H E R  B L O G G E R S

As bloggers, we're fortunate enough to be a part of a wonderful community of fellow bloggers so don't be afraid to reach out and ask others how they tackle with the lack of inspiration. While talking online is great and all, I love shooting an email to my favorite local bloggers and asking them if they would like to go out and get coffee sometime and meeting them in real life. There's just something about talking to someone face to face and connecting with them about the issues that every blogger goes through which always leaves me with a new perspective and going home feeling inspired and ready to blog again. Too intimidated to meet new bloggers? Why not attend a blog conference which is usually packed with tons of great advice from speakers and you'll most likely end up talking to some bloggers naturally while you're there. 

What are some ways that you feel inspired to blog again? Let me know in the comments below! And if you're looking for more blogging advice, check out my other posts from my #BloggerBoss series by clicking the tag below or going to the search bar. 

Ever since I was a kid, travel has always been a huge part of my life yet in 2017 I haven't been able to do much traveling since all my focus was on moving to Dallas. Of course moving to a new city means tons of exploring but lately I've been craving a quiet getaway near the water and decided to book a last minute vacation to Palm Beach (in February!) which has been on my travel list for years . This was my first time booking a trip last minute so I thought I'd share some tips for anyone who's feeling adventurous and wants to go on vacation soon! 

C H O O S E  Y O U R  D E S T I N A T I O N  W I S E L Y 

Depending on the time of year, some destinations will be difficult to go to so make sure to choose your destination wisely and when in doubt, choose places that are close to home which will most likely be cheaper to travel to. Palm Beach is only a three hour plane ride away from Dallas and not many people are going there in February so it was easy finding flights and hotels this time of year.


B E  F L E X I B L E

If you're willing to be flexible then you can save tons of money! Some ways to be flexible is with your travel dates (flying/staying in hotels on weekdays is significantly cheaper than weekends!) and staying in budget-friendly chain hotels such as the Holiday Inn which has tons of rooms compared to places like boutique hotels (I know it's not the most Instagram-worthy but I've always had good experiences and you're going to be exploring the city anyways!) or an Airbnb.


D O  Y O U R  R E S E A R C H  

Normally I always plan my trips at least 3-4 months in advance in order to get the best deals and save money on flights and hotels. Yet when it comes to spontaneous travel, the whole thing can get quite expensive if you're not careful. I always like to search multiple websites (99% of the time I always book through Expedia but I always check sites like and Google Flights just in case!) and here's a pro-tip: try to search late at night on a weekday or on a Tuesday afternoon which I've found to be great times to get a good deal. Another way to save money is to try and book your flight and hotel separately instead of a package which some people say can be cheaper. Personally I haven't used this method and always preferred booking through one website in order to avoid complications but it doesn't hurt to try!


S E T  A  B U D G E T

I'll admit, when I go on vacation I never have a daily budget and instead just save up a bunch of money that was intended for the vacation beforehand and well, spend it lol. Yet when it comes to going on a last minute trip, I like to play it safe and make sure I don't go overboard with the spending and create a daily budget for food, attractions, transporation, shopping, etc.

Hope these tips helped! Anyone planning any vacations right now? I'd love to know!

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