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Hi ladies! I'm so excited for the Sephora Spring Sale that's coming up for VIB and Beauty Insider members which runs from April 20-23 .It's currently open for Rouge members but I don't know anyone that's at that level so I just ignored it haha but if you are then you get 15% off!. For everyone else, it's 10% off which doesn't seem like a lot but it's better than paying full price! Here are some of the things that I'm eyeing from the sale and even included some things that are perfect for Mother's Day! 

What are you planning on buying from the sale? Let me know below!

One of my favorite sales is the Shopbop sale that's done this time of year and the best part is that there's no minimum purchase requirement. If your purchase is under $500, then you get 20% off and if it's over $500, then you get 25% off. Simple as that! There's so many great items to choose from and it includes full price and sale items and even if you decide to get only one thing then you still get a good deal on it! Just use the code "EVENT18". Make sure to hurry though cause the sale ends on April 14! I always like to stock up on new spring and summer items so here are some of my favorites:

Happy shopping! What are you planning on buying from the Shopbop sale? Any other sales you're looking forward to this week? Let me know below.

A funny thing happens when you accomplish your life's dream, you feel a bit lost afterwards and the first thought that comes to your mind is "well, now what?". This is how I've been feeling ever since I accomplished my dream of moving out of my hometown six months ago. This dream took up so much of my life, it was probably something that I've been thinking about since I was a kid! And while accomplishing it was amazing, I realized that it was time to find a new dream but I just couldn't figure out what. Then one day, I was looking through my documents on my computer and came across an old logo that I had created 2 years ago while working on a college presentation. I was just mindlessly working on random logo designs when I had typed in the name "Pisces Consulting" in a pretty aqua font and saved it, hoping that one day I would own my own business and call it that. I always assumed that I would start this business years later when I'm more experienced yet as I stared at that logo, something told me that the perfect timing is now and that there's no point in waiting anymore.

After four years of blogging and working with some incredible brands, earning a Bachelor's degree in Media Management, multiple internships, and even helping small businesses here and there during my free time in college....I finally decided to launch Pisces Consulting: my own blog and social media consulting business! 

I can't wait to see what this new business holds and while I'm not a complete 100% entrepreneur (ya girl's looking for a post-grad job so she can get even more experience!), I've always been a big believer that your side projects can lead to something greater. Growing up, I remember not liking the idea of choosing only one career for the rest of your life. How is that even possible? It was always too much pressure for me. As I've grown older and discovered all the amazing people in the blogging community who have multiple careers, I realized that it is possible and that people are doing it everyday. I like to think of careers as dresses. Would you only buy one dress to wear for the rest of your life? Probably not. It's okay to buy multiple or to even throw one out and get a new one. You get the idea! Perhaps one day, Pisces Consulting will be my full-time job, but for now I'm happy to continue juggling multiple passions which seems to be second nature to me.

To all my readers that are thinking about pursuing other passions, I beg of you to stop saying "one day" and to go out and pursue it. You never know until you try!

Thanks for reading (P.S. there's a Tarte giveaway going on right now on my Instagram @ruyakiraccc so make sure to check it out!)

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