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Jacket: J. Crew // Shirt: Ann Taylor // Pin: vintage Chanel via TheRealReal // Jeans: J. Crew // Sunglasses: Dior "Origins" // Lips: Chanel Coco Rouge in "Mademoiselle" // Boots: Ann Taylor 

I'm so excited to share today's outfit post since I got to cross off another thing off my Dallas bucket list: shooting at the RewardStyle LiketoKnowIt wall! If you live in Dallas, you probably think the wall is old news and cliche so feel free to skip this post haha. But for bloggers like me that are new to Dallas, it's a must! I got accepted into Rewardstyle 2 years ago (after my second try!) and it's honestly changed my blogging game forever. I made a post all about how to increase your chances of getting accepted into the program in this post a while ago. 

I'm wearing my favorite velvet blazer in this gorgeous navy blue color which is perfect for work at the office but also for going out to dinner especially with the Chanel pin. When it comes to buying vintage designer items, my go-to place is TheRealReal and no I'm not being sponsored haha! I just love the website and check it almost everyday because there's SO MANY gorgeous designer things which are authentic and in good condition for more affordable prices (at least more affordable compared to buying it in stores!) and there's even things that aren't really considered "vintage" since they're only 1-2 years old but the price has been decreased significantly so make sure to check it out if you're looking for anything! Did I mention they also have sales? P.S. for my NYC gals, they just opened up their own store on 80 Wooster Street in Soho! Alright I'll stop now lol. 

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One of my beauty resolutions for the new year is to put more effort into taking care of my skin. Next month I'll be turning 24 and I realized that I need to adopt better habits in my 20's in order to have a healthy body and mind down the road. One of the ways that I'll be improving my skin is by adopting a new makeup routine and making sure to always take off my makeup right before I go to sleep at night. Here's how:

S T E P  O N E 

During the winter, my skin tends to break out and show rough patches so I like a foundation that's more high coverage yet moisturizing at the same time and most importantly: won't clog my pores and make my skin worse. One of the brands that I trust for both my skincare and makeup needs is Neutrogena®. Back when I was a teenager (feels weird saying that! haha), I had a terrible case of acne and tried every product from high end to drugstore and the only brand that I had good results with was Neutrogena®. After my acne had cleared up, I was afraid that it would come back if I used heavy makeup again so I decided to try their makeup line and luckily, my acne never returned. I recently had the chance to try the Neutrogena® Healthy Skin® Compact Makeup which feels lightweight on my skin yet covers all my imperfections. 


S T E P  T W O 

Since my daytime makeup routine is dedicated to places such as work or school, I'm going to keep it natural and apply a thin coat of eyeliner and two coats of mascara. Next, apply some blush in a natural peach shade which helps brighten dull winter skin. 


S T E P  T H R E E 

In order to complete the look, I'm going to finish with Neutrogena® Moisture Smooth Color Stick in a beautiful berry color which is perfect for the winter since it conditions lips with ingredients such as mango and Shea butter. This product makes my life so much easier since I won't have to constantly reapply lip balm throughout the day!  


S T E P  F O U R 

After a long day, I always make sure to remove my makeup before I go to bed. One of the worst things you can do for your skin is to go to bed with your makeup on so I always make sure to remove it, no matter how tired I am. I've been a huge fan of Neutrogena® Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes for years now since it removes all of your makeup (even heavy eyeliner and eyelash glue) with just one towelette! 


That's it! An effortless everyday look which is perfect for school or work and helps you to achieve healthy skin! Make sure to check out Wal-Mart for the Neutrogena® Healthy Skin® line which has their foundations for a better value compared to other stores. Also, take advantage of these promotions that are going on right now so you can get the best savings: 

- Text "HEALTHYSKIN" to "39492" to get $2 off any Neutrogena® Healthy Skin® liquid makeup through Ibotta 

- Neutrogena® Healthy Skin® Pressed Powders and Compact Makeup will be $2 off and $1.80 off (Rollback for 2018)

- There are $3 off Neutrogena® Healthy Skin® coupons at Wal-Mart currently (limited supply)

Hope you enjoyed this post! 

One of the big reasons why I made the move from Rochester, NY to Dallas is because of the winters. I just could no longer handle freezing temperatures and endless amounts of snow! Winters here in the South are much more mild with temperatures usually in the 50s/60s during the day and most importantly: no snow (at least where I live!). For me, it was a pleasant surprise to still be able to experience some chilly weather while also not freezing all the time. Yet this meant I had to switch up my wardrobe and find clothes that will work for these temperatures so I thought I'd share some tips for anyone that's recently moved to the South or is just visiting and wondering what to wear during the winters here!

L A Y E R S,  L A Y E R S,  L A Y E R S

Sometimes it gets pretty crazy when it's freezing and in the 20s in the mornings yet by the afternoon it's in the 60s and feels too hot for a heavy sweater. That's why I recommend wearing layers such as a cashmere wrap or a vest so that way you can take it off when it gets warmer throughout the day.

W E A R  D A R K  C O L O R S

Depending on where you live in the South, there will be winter days where the weather gets ridiculously warm (sometimes up to the 70s/80s) and it feels like summer is back yet your mind is still in winter-mode cause it's January! I like to call this being "season-confused". That's why it's nice to incorporate dark colors in your winter wardrobe such as forest green, burgundy, and navy blue which remind you of winter and makes you feel season-appropriate.

Y O U  C A N  S T I L L  R O C K  Y O U R  F A V  O T K  B O O T S

While I'm still on the hunt for the perfect OTK boots that will fit my large calves (such a huge problem, ugh), it's nice to still be able to wear your favorite boots during the winters here in the South. On warm days, I see people wear them with dresses or skirts and no tights (looks so chic!) and on chilly days, with jeans and a leather jacket.

M U L E S  A R E  B E T T E R  T H O

If you're lucky enough to live in a southern city that hasn't snowed this year then you're probably taking advantage of the fact that you can wear nice shoes without the snow ruining them (RIP to all the nice shoes that I ruined living in Rochester all those years). I've been pretty much wearing mules almost everyday this past month and they're just so comfortable yet they're not open toe so they look more season appropriate. I highly recommend a velvet or leather pair!

Hope this post helped!

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